Ultraviolet Man (2001)
    by Paco Rabanne

    Ultraviolet Man Fragrance notes

    Moss, Honey, Tonka Bean, Musk, Amber

    Ultraviolet Man information

    The newest Paco scent and the partner to the ladies Ultraviolet. The bottle is amazing: the spray is activated by a rubber trigger.
    Ultraviolet contains notes of Moss, Honey, Tonka Bean, Musk and Amber. The fragrance is reminiscent of Xeryus Rouge and Minotaure.

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    Pump up guys in sportscars

    Jacques Cavallier made a lot better ones.

    I always keep away from these types of scents.
    Chemical,synthetic,sweet,linear scent all the way, what you smell in the first seconds stays in later stage.(amber in top)
    A dark evening scent pretending to be romantic in a macho kind a way.

    But in my nose it is a cloying combo of spicenotes,vanilla and ambers.

    Paco's Ultrared on the other side is superb!

    This scent is for tanned bodybuilder type of guys who like to play loud pumping house music from their tuned up sportscars.

    I guess its the granddaddy of 1 million...

    There is always one guy wearing this when i go out on a night out.

    12 September, 2013

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    Germany Germany

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    For some reason, I always wanted Ultraviolet... don't ask why, I don't recall. However, I got this in some airport and it smells awful. It's incredibly synthetic, it's like metal on your skin and in your pores. there's nothing fresh about it.

    31st March, 2013

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    synthetic but very well done, thats Ultraviolet. its rather spicy with slight earthy-amber. as the time goes this fragrance will goes into more and more earthy. its beautiful Paco which is not overtly sweet like the rest (and thanks for that!)

    definitely a compliment getting, I'm not really sure why but many girls (young one) seemed to like it!

    the longevity and projection is awesome. its fit a young guy who lives like Fast and Furious movie. badass guys

    16 January, 2013

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    This is my signature scent. I have been using it since it's release around the year 2000.
    It's hard to describe. I'd call it a unique, fresh fragrance.
    It's still the best cologne I've worn to date.

    07 November, 2012

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    Croatia Croatia

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    Synthetic and cold in charaachter but I think it's fabulous. Very contemporary and free, there is sort of unique vibe about it and it's not overworn at all. I don't like the bottle even though it fits the fragrance wich I, ironically, like! Longevity and projection are great. I understand why this might be tad bit off putting to people, and it's amber note is very strong and I agree quite synthetic, but I can't help it, I just like this juice and that's that.

    12 May, 2012

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    Very Nice Minty Fragrance with sweetness but the only problem is Longevity! It doesnt hold for more than 2 hours. The projection depends upon how much u spray. u got to spray 10 heavy spray for good projection. Or else no one can smell what u wearing. I got no compliments. I dont know why Paco Rabanne didnt focus on the Longevity like One Million! I Like the smell but Longevity is very less. So mind it & go for it. Other wise the smell and all good. Its different.

    25 February, 2012

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