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Ungaro pour L'Homme II (1992)
by Ungaro


Ungaro pour L'Homme II information

Year of Launch1992
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People and companies

PerfumerFrançois Demachy
Parent CompanyFerragamo Group
Parent Company at launchWertheimer > Chanel

About Ungaro pour L'Homme II

Ungaro pour L'Homme II is a masculine fragrance by Ungaro. The scent was launched in 1992 and the fragrance was created by perfumer François Demachy

Reviews of Ungaro pour L'Homme II

Incredibly smooth, animalic, old-style scent. If you like civet, this one is for you.
16th February, 2018
Stardate 20170927:

The second of the troika. Great fragrance. Somewhere between Chanel PMC and Jicky.
Dirty powdery floral. Quality stuff.
Has that Polge signature (you see it in Tiffany too). He may have a hand in it since Ungaro was owned by Chanel at the time of Ungaro II launch.
27th September, 2017
I bought this blind around 2010. Long discontinued, I was expecting something animalic and a “civet above the rest”. I can confirm that U2 is animalic and is a “civet about the rest”. I never understood the Guerlain Jicky connotations because I never smelled Jicky until after I received U2.

The opening is big lavender and light orange/neroli. The citrus notes get subdued by the lavender in a matter of minutes. I’m initially reminded of the lavender in Caron PuH. It’s that big and powerful but never overpowering. The civet creeps in like a cat to give U2 its claws. The civet is certainly animalic but it doesn’t ever veer too close to the wrong end of the cat, if you know what I mean. The proportion is just right.

With the civet and lavender still creeping around, vanilla comes in to lighten the load a touch. My only complaint is that the base is a bit weak and U2 doesn’t last beyond 4 hours. Maybe age has weakened the basenotes so I can give U2 some slack in this area. I would also add that U2 is very unisex and ladies who tire of Jicky may seek out U2 on the vintage market.

23rd May, 2017
Dirty lavender. Ungaro II, Jicky, and Mouchoir de Monsieur are 3 peas in a pod. Good musky drydown you can smell the next morning, somehow remindful a good lavender-prominent was worn the day before. I use the after shave as well.

For reference, I'm 50+.
10th November, 2015
A 1992 Ambery Oriental that is literally the cat's ass. The use of civet in this particular masculine is about as artistically sexy as you will find anywhere in the designer realm.

The 2nd release of the infamous Ungaro triumvirate, Ungaro II is in stark contrast to Ungaro L'Homme released the year before. Even the colors used for both are completely appropriate.

The opening of Ungaro II is a citric blast with spice. Basil and coriander are integrated with bergamot and constitute an excellent accord. The top of the fragrance is memorable and distinct.

The civet only takes moments to assimilate into the progression. It's very sensual and so well implemented that I cannot help using it as a measuring stick when smelling other creations using the note. The neroli is also very well played and adds a hint of bitter and bite to a borderline sweet texture.

Carnation starts flexing its muscles after 5 minutes or so and begins to ruffle some feathers in an otherwise very smooth accord. The tuning of the floral heart is very commendable and from behind the carnation can be smelled hints of jasmin and pepper. The others add an anonymous "fullness" and they do it well.

In an hour or so, the drydown is realized. I find that Ungaro II has good longevity in its first two accords and enjoy the fact that what I smell the first few minutes lasts a great while on my skin. Once it subsides, a woody amber appears. The civet is still alive and kicking and invites a bit of leather to the party as well.

The extended drydown softens with the addition of vanilla and tonka. This scent is deceiving in the sense that it lasts longer than you think it does. Whether this is attributable to olfactory fatigue or simply morphing into a "close" fragrance after its first hour is an unknown quantity. It really doesn't matter either.

Good is good......and Ungaro II fits that bill perfectly. Big thumbs up from SS for the civet-fest from Ungaro.
15th March, 2015

Genre: Citrus

Ungaro II opens with an arresting citrus/civet accord, underpinned by a very smooth, rounded lavender note. As the heart develops, sweet jasmine and orange blossom notes emerge, melding so seamlessly with the citrus that it's difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins. During the second hour a powdery musk note joins in. The fully-developed musk/civet partnership lends remarkable depth and seductive animal mystery to what might otherwise have been a rather ordinary citrus and lavender men's scent.

The transition into drydown is fairly rapid, yet somehow so subtle as to be almost imperceptible. As I think about it, "transition" is not as accurate a term as "transformation." Without ever announcing itself, the drydown shifts Ungaro II from an unusually rich citrus scent to a sensual, but surprisingly light spicy oriental. The musk and civet stand their ground, forming a vital link in the development, while patchouli, something suggestive of cardamom, and a perfectly judged dose of vanilla move into the foreground. The ineffable transparency of this oriental drydown may owe in part to a light hand with the woods and amber both of which are so fully integrated that they act as a harmonic background, rather than as individual notes.

I think this fragrance is remarkable in its adept use of two of perfumery's trickiest notes: civet and vanilla. I can't imagine a better-integrated civet note than the one that grounds Ungaro II. Whether it's the proportions, the nature of the accompanying accords or (most likely) both, the result is absolutely wonderful. As for the vanilla, it's so subtle and well-blended that it effortlessly sidesteps the artificial, icky-sweet quagmire that has so cheapened this note over the years.

It's tempting to compare Ungaro II with Jicky, as they share civet, lavender, and vanilla as prominent components. But where Jicky is an extraordinarily busy, evanescent fragrance, which changes character from season to season, wearing to wearing, and even moment to moment, Ungaro II is far steadier. (Though not at all linear!) Ungaro II progresses through its life cycle with deliberate, dignified poise, without ever betraying its underlying animalism. As the bottle cap color might suggest, this scent is a feline predator: all tightly strung muscle, unseen, deathly still, and quiet, waiting...
06th July, 2014

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