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Ungaro pour L'Homme III (1993)
by Ungaro


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Year of Launch1993
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People and companies

PerfumerJacques Polge
PerfumerFranÁois Demachy
Parent CompanyFerragamo Group
Parent Company at launchWertheimer > Chanel

About Ungaro pour L'Homme III

Ungaro pour L'Homme III is a masculine fragrance by Ungaro. The scent was launched in 1993 and the fragrance was created by perfumers FranÁois Demachy and Jacques Polge

Ungaro pour L'Homme III fragrance notes

Reviews of Ungaro pour L'Homme III

I actually received this years ago in a trade and didnít like it. Too dense, too peppery..and that stinking rose! My, how the tide has turned and gone out.
Feeling adventurous, I ventured out of Ebay and picked up a vintage bottle for cheap. All the elements that I hated initially now smell wonderful. Complete 180 degree turnaround.

The opening foray of black pepper and lavender is rather simple. Slowly the rose and vodka emerge, like a Russian on Valentineís Day. Very unique and Iím hard pressed to find anything like it. Itís dark, itís floral and itís dense. The base of cloves and sandalwood round this out. I have the think U3 has suffered from reformulation to due constraints on rose and sandalwood over the years.

That said, I think Zino and perhaps Montale Black Aoud do a better job as dark, floral and gothic. Still, vintage U3 is worthy to seek out.

23rd May, 2017
Today i am testing Ungaro III
This one has been on my list for some time now but never had the chance to try it.
And it didn't let me down.
It begins very fresh, citric but kind of sweet subtile citrus, maybe orange. At the same time something alcoholic. I didn't know what this was until i have read the ingredients and there it was: vodka! This phase doesn't last long.
Immediately after that there is a phase of "purity" due to sage. This phase lasted for about an hour on my skin and it made me pull the sleeves of my blouse and smell my arm again and again. Very comforting, very well done. A hint of Vetiver shares this phase with Lili of the Valley but NO ROSE.
After 2-3 hours the base comes to front. Mainly musk, a bit of patchouli here and there going hand in hand with an almost indistinguishable Sandalwood.
It has fulfilled my expectations mainly the middle phase of the evolution.
But where is the rose? I couldn't smell it for a second.

Medium sillage, lasted on me for good 6-7 hours.

16th May, 2017
Stardate 20170226:

A fresh male inoffensive generic scent. Avoidable.

Edit (20170919):
The above review is for the current version.

Now on to the vintage version:

I got myself some vintage version of this and it is certainly much better than current version.
The rose is very similar to Ungaro I rose which is probably the best masculine rose.
Unfortunately the Dihydromyrcenol / Calone they added to make it more relevant to the market destroyed it for me.
Still one of the better "freshies" out there in vintage version and this gets mild Thumbs up to neutral.

The current version is thumbs down
27th February, 2017 (last edited: 19th September, 2017)
I love this cologne. It's become my signature cologne, as it's more versatile than any other cologne I've ever worn.

By itself, it's not very commanding. Subtle. Refined. A bit reserved, despite being a floral booze waltz.

So no, it's not explosively loud; you're looking at 8 sprays in key points to have it noticed, and even then it's in waves (as a fragrance ought to be.)

But layering this stuff with Pinaud afershave? You're talking about Errol Flynn. Clark Gable. Charles Chaplin.

This is truely a timeless fragrance, and it's the only "mature" scent that doesn't head beyond "mature" and into senility. You'll remember it, for sure.


10th November, 2015
This is a truly wonderful fragrance and follows a lesser Ungaro II which i believe does not stand up to "One or Three". The cast of characters are aromatic flowers, subtle rose with a wave of lavender at the open,,, mixed with vodka; where I agree with our other reviewers brings us to that dark and late night alley way of intrigue. The drydown is really 'classy' and deeply complex with a touch of wood and asian / middle eastern spices.
This is quite bold and a little goes a long way especially for the office. This is a fragrance for those who want to be noticed and want to say 'I've arrived', but are way too cool to even have to "go there". I find this to great for casual office, and equally complex for an evening with the ladies or even out to a ball game. The longevity settles into a nice spicy-woody toasty glow. Clearly, this is a "Can't go wrong" fragrance that is timeless.
12th October, 2015
UNGARO III, it's listed as an AROMATIC, I guess what puts it in this category is the vodka.

I'm surprised that some people think of it as a cooler weather scent. It's airy, light, vodka-esque with a light rose in the background.

I can see why some might think of "bug spray" upon initial application. It eventually smooths out though and just stays airy and, to me, seems close to the skin.

I get a soft-pink-rose note in that background. Not feminine though, at least to me.

Summer or Spring, I will definitely be wearing this.
29th March, 2015

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