Ungaro III (1993)
    by Ungaro

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    This is the scent of a handsome french soldier from WWII. this is what a avant-garde 20th century composer smells like. this is what a noir detective smells like. It is the scent of logic and strategy, maturity. Dark and mysterious, compelling.

    11th January, 2014

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    transcends fad and trends. timeless.

    I blind-bought this based on reviews. One of my best blind-buys. It delivers and then some. Absolutely delighted with the complexity and contrasts of this. This makes the tone deaf aquatics and the audibly spicy syrups seem even more adolescent. This is not old-fashioned; it is timeless in the way that Eau Sauvage and Yatagan are timeless. I'm usually skeptical of designer fragrances because they're not about smell; they're low cost entry points into a brand's universe for Brittany and Bubba Spraycheese. The smell-as-brand-experience is invariably a colorful swill wrapped in the lust and luster of backstory and implausible nudity (I'm looking at you, Versace). There's certainly nothing wrong with wanting to make a buck off your perfume, even with naked people on cars, rocks, yachts, sun decks, rocks on yachts, sun decks on cars, etc. Duh, it's a business. But Just look at the latest string of embarrassingly cynical and childish releases from Fendi, Gucci, Ferragamo and Versace (weird that they're all Italian). None compare to Ungaro III in attention to layering, blending and sheer range of notes. Ungaro III reflects a commitment to a particular type of experience, not a faddish, brand-resident identity. Many frags have disappeared because they were selling a form of personhood, not a smell. That Ungaro III is still in production and stubbornly popular today is clear evidence of its ability to transcend fashion. This is one of the reasons why Demachy and Polge are the respected figures they are in contemporary perfumery -- because they produce stunners like Ungaro III.

    Pros: very sophisticated and cerebral, beautiful, complex
    Cons: none"

    18 September, 2013

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    Gentle sophistication at his best

    A great composed fragrance! one of my alltime favourites till date.

    Boozy and fresh opening turns around in 5 minutes into a soft blend of Lavender and

    The rose is in a far distance dont expect a rose type of scent its minimal the vodka vibe is truly there and i must confess this makes Ungaro 3 (III) timeless.

    Not a floral green scent as it is marketed.

    The drydown is awesome!!! very close to the skin but very nice very classy.
    It evolves into a super warm and luxerous frag! My first thought when i smell this : Pure sophistication.

    I think it has similarities in the drydown with dolce and gabanna pour homme they are not a like but they both have that soft,creamy and gentle vibe.

    One of my favourites for a formal dinner or wedding.

    Very mature, a very wise choice if you buy it: -)

    Pros: Unbelievable subtle and classy

    03 September, 2013

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    The vintage formulation:
    An very nice imitial blast of citrus with herbs and spice is developing into more flowery notes that never really show any sweetness. A dark rose comes to the fore, and then dusky mossy and woody aromas take over after the first hour, but at that stage the fragrance retreats to remain very close to my skin and quite faint after a further hour. Not a powerhouse drydown then, not really special but interesting enough and pleasant, with a good longevity between four to five hours on my skin. Overall just a thumbs up.

    14 May, 2013

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    Bulgaria Bulgaria

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    Way too old school and old man smelling. Strong, pungent stuff that is only suitable for uber-masculine enthusiasts.

    12 May, 2013

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    Nigeria Nigeria

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    This was a blind purchase for a friend who wore it several years ago. I decided to purchase for him for Christmas. When the bottle arrived, I realized I couldn't do without at least smelling it...so I did.
    Wow! I like! It is interesting reading the reviews. There is a slight rose in the background yes, but there is so much more going on with this. I tender it as a gourmand, in the non-effeminate, non-food ingredient way. It is sweet, yummy actually, like some exotic dessert from the Mediterranean.
    Big, beautiful, in your face yet warm, confident, stylish, dark, unquestionable quality. It is worth a sniff at the barest minimum. Now I will purchase a bottle for my collection.
    A brighter, sharper doppelganger to this is Iceberg Homme which interestingly came out 3 years prior to this and has a stronger pepper note, though it contains no pepper.

    PS: this review is for the original formulation.

    16 December, 2012

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