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V/S for Men (2000)
by Versace


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Year of Launch2000
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People and companies

PerfumerMark Buxton
Parent CompanyEuroitalia
Parent Company at launchGiver Profumi

About V/S for Men

V/S for Men is a masculine fragrance by Versace. The scent was launched in 2000 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Mark Buxton

V/S for Men fragrance notes

Reviews of V/S for Men

A scent that's not for everyone hence the rather lukewarm reviews. I stumbled upon a tester bottle of this at a discount store that was having a closing down sale. I blind bought it for next to nothing for two reasons. 1) I generally love the Versace scents especially during the Gianni era (The Jeans Line, Dreamer, Versace Man, etc.) and it's created by one of my favourite perfumers, Mark Buxton.

If you love that transparent, heavily synthetic, and contemporary style Mark is know for with his Comme des Garcons creations - you'll most likely enjoy this.

I find it heavily resembles the aesthetic Mark went for when he created CdG 3. "What would a flower that didn't exist smell like?" It's sort of an abstraction of fresh and floral notes that are heavily synthetic. It almost also smells a little fizzy like soda pop.

Avant-grade and the fact that the diagonal spray mechanism was faulty, it left stores as soon as it arrived.
21st August, 2017
Quite a fun, almost fascinating oddity from the dawn of the second millenium. As most of Versace scents from the Nineties/2000s, V/S smells heavily synthetic, but unlike for most of their offerings back then, it manages to turn that into a positive and creative feature. In fact V/S is basically a really clean, and I mean ghastly, aseptically clean sort of “empty flowers” galore, modern and archaic at once (Kenzo Power’s kind of futuristic floral notes meet Guerlain’s Héritage decadent dustiness) with patchouli, fresh basil and at least another fresh-fruity... “thing” I can not identify (some peachy neroli?), musk and ambroxan, surrounded by a ton of nondescript spices which smells as vibrant as completely abstract to me, and some equally nondescript woody base – smooth, clean woods (cashmere/cedar), with a distant yet perceivable whiff of dark-mossy herbs. Something that would almost fit “avantgarde” lines like nu_be, Humiecki & Graef or Andrea Maack, or other modern masters of turning nothingness into “art”. V/S smells “mineral”, grey and dusty, flat and aloof like perfectly polished concrete, with a desaturated, kind of melancholic accord of herbs and floral notes which smell pastel, powdery, cold and detached, floating in a lukewarm sea of industrial-like watery cleanliness with a subtle gassy, almost “toxic” smoky vibe. Sort of a bleached alien nephew of a typical Oriental floral scent from the Nineties. That’s it, and I admit that it takes some will and fantasy to take its extreme syntheticness as an added value, so for many people this may just be a screechy artificial mess (and partially – actually, mostly – it is), but still it’s a fun ride worthy a sniff.

12th September, 2015
A synthetic mockery of what a fresh fragrance should smell like. It smells exactly like a urinal cake. It's very rare that I find a summer fragrance so offensive but all I can think of when I smell this is a New York City subway men's room.

One of the few fragrances I have ever scrubbed off after only 5 minutes.
10th December, 2013
I used to love this as a teenager. I found this going through my old stuff. I put it on, no bueno. It's definitely a buxton it has his signature peppery woody smell. One problem and its a big one, its unbelievably synthetic and cloying. One basenoter had it right, this has way too much going on and it's not even close to being believable. The only reason this doesn't get a huge thumbs down, is because of the great memories I had wearing it ;)
09th May, 2013
To me V/S goes down as one of the worst fragrances ever made. This is just one of those colognes that has too many unneeded ingredients. While in the sample vial V/S smells like a common synthetic fragrance, but once it touches your skin it's a mess. It basically smells like paint, thank goodness this stuff doesn't project too much because it would offend a lot of people. Some of the more dominating floral notes begin to come out after its been on your skin for 5 minutes or so and even they are revolting.

I've never been a big Versace fan, but this is the worst one I've tried from their house. I'd keep away from this stuff, then again.. most of you should know how synthetic Versace fragrances are to begin with. I give V/S an F- and a thumbs down.
19th March, 2010 (last edited: 21st April, 2010)
The opening blast of V / S is quite synthetic and disagreeable. Then it settles down quickly to being synthetic and ordinary. I do determine a couple of semi-interesting things going on underneath the dominant unnaturalness: It might have been an okay scent if the plasticity were reduced, but even with that, it would just be a pleasantly mediocre. The top accord has a modicum of depth and breadth, and the middle handles the floral quite well underneath the plastic. The drydown can’t be saved: it is too weak and nondescript. This scent a mutant – it’s classic in construction but there seems to be no attempt to reduce the modern synthetic nature of the ingredients.
23rd August, 2008

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