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Versace l'Homme (1984)
by Versace


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Year of Launch1984
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyEuroitalia
Parent Company at launchGiver Profumi

About Versace l'Homme

Versace l'Homme is a masculine fragrance by Versace. The scent was launched in 1984

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United Kingdom
The first proper designer perfume I ever owned in 1988-89 and when I first smelt it it was a WOW!
A strong unusual citrus smell with decent longevity and projection. I used to wear it in buckets until the late 90s
I bought it again in 2017 (my perfume nostalgia year as I bought over 30 fragrances in 2017) and it lost some WOW factor as today there are so many amazing smells.
Thumbs up for this classic
06th January, 2018
I have about 20-25 colognes; mostly old school power houses like Kouros, Givency Gentleman (1978), Dunhill for men (1934), Lauder for men (1984), but this one always ranks on top of my list.
Brings back wonderful memories of the late 1980's.
I'm buying this since 2001 and do feel it changed a little from time to time but I could be wrong. There very well COULD have been 3 formulations but I'm not sure. I recently bought an old school bottle but it probably had gone bad since it lacked a lot of notes, so I'm not sure. I talked to a longtime perfume shop owner who was pretty certain it did not change. Could be explained by the fact that 'l Homme seems to smell totally different (and better) in warmer climates. At home (in Holland) I mostly get a sharp opening and the character only comes to play after a few hours (and not on the skin, but clothing only) That character is the true warm, deep, classic Italian macho feel that makes this fragrance so great! When on holiday in a warmer climate I immediately smell that warm heart, so I think warmer days work best with this one.
Projection differs from bottle to bottle. Had a 'shop bought' bottle that had poor projection, Now have a new one bought online which has incredible projection for a least 8-12 hours. Would love to hear from long time users; did it change? Nonetheless I'm very very happy they still make this Classic Conundrum.
21st August, 2017
A bright, lemony, incense-tinged opening when first applied which subtly transforms into a gentle musky floral middle with hints of carnation and an almost rose-type fragrance then dries down to a light clean spicy overtone that exudes a patchouli, vetiver and wood vibe. Longevity is fair (4-6 hours on me) and projection is moderate. This upscale EDT can be a bit strong, almost overpowering upon first application (I do have a tendency to over-spray) but it calms down pretty quickly to a respectable fragrance that behaves the rest of its time as active. Some consider this to be a "dated" fragrance (1984) but I find it to be a classy, masculine, relevant scent that's perfect while hanging out at home or working in the office. 7/10 overall
15th March, 2017 (last edited: 18th March, 2017)
My bottle of this fantastic fragrance must be one of the newer formulations (at least prior to 2004, when I bought it), as the lettering on mine isn't "vintage" like what is shown above!

Anyhow, Versace L'Homme is a clean, spicy, and woody scent that lasts a long time. Its sillage is great (enough so that my uncle, after asking me what I was wearing, bought a bottle for himself!).

Not dated, like others from the 1980's (e.g. Giorgio Beverly Hills, Monogram by Ralph Lauren, etc.), it can be worn by young or old, IMO. Worthy a try!
16th December, 2016
Versace L'Homme reminds me of Guerlain Heritage and Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree, a projecting, gentlemanly, powdery fragrance. It smells fantastic.
03rd October, 2016
A soapy, synthetic lemon blast in the opening, almost bathroom cleaner-like (think bathroom scrubbing powder). So it's not a sweet lemon, it's a green, unripe lemon. The soap and spices are old-school, as is the projection power, so it makes sense that this came out in 1984. Gives me the same vibe as my old bottle of original Calvin, except the Versace is lighter and has more citrus.
29th May, 2016

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