Vetiver (2000)
    by Floris

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    Vetiver opens with hints of bergamot and lavender, with some of the cinnamon, clove and rooty vetiver peeping through. It is just a tad on the sweet side, maybe a hair less sweet than Coeur de Vetiver Sacre from L'Artisan. In the heart, the relatively clean and semi-refined vetiver takes the fore, joined by the cinnamon and clove combo that is much more pronounced, slightly dirtied up with a smidgen of cardamom and coriander spice. The scent's base is comprised of the remnants of the spiced vetiver, sweetened up a bit more by sandalwood, tonka bean and patchouli. The vetiver, while always co-staring with other notes is never obscured from start to finish. Projection and longevity are both average.

    I am so disappointed in Floris for discontinuing this gem. Floris Vetiver is one of the best vetiver scents I have smelled to date, and after No. 89 and Santal, it was the best the house had to offer, IMO. Vetiver by Floris may be a bit too polished and refined for some Vetiver purists, but folks that enjoy semi-sweet vetiver scents that feature other supporting notes prominently like Coeur de Vetiver Sacre should consider this one a mandatory sample if you can find it. As for myself, Vetiver is a definite buy and gets a rating of 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5. Shame on you Floris!

    09 May, 2012 (Last Edited: 10th May, 2012)

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    This starts out as a relatively dusty, brownish vetiver, with a little of the sweet nuttiness of the older versions of Guerlain Vetiver. More woodiness enters later in the top notes, but also an earthiness, like a more natural version of the synthetic violetty dirt that I recently found in He Wood and Rocky Mtn Wood. There's anise hiding in there as well, which slightly works to dispel the dirt aura. FV isn't really what I had in mind in exploring vetiver frags, and I think if you want the sweet woodiness, you should go for Fat Electrician or better yet L'Occitane. I agree that its crude, rustic vibe is an interesting change, but I think it's too much geranium and cedar for me, based on OdysseusM's pyramid. I'm not well-versed in the really dirty, earthy vetivers, but I can certainly say that this is a strong, sturdy scent, and as others have described it, a wild beast which has been carefully restrained.

    26 September, 2011

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    A classy take on vetiver with a powdery vibe reminiscent to No. 89. I get primarily sandalwood and tonka in the base. I prefer Creeds 1948 offering, but this is certainly a suitable selection.

    28 February, 2010

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    Floris Vetiver is a wonderful combination of natural rustic vetiver with sophisticated smooth notes. An amazingly unique fragrance, this has much of the suave elegance of Creed (1948) with orders of magnitude more staying power. How can something be this suave and yet so raw and (at times) almost as wild as RdeV? Floris Vetiver is a mystery one can wear. This makes me think of Jimmy Cagney, the gangster turned song and dance man. Be enigmatic, try it and wear it and smile that enigmatic smile.

    Almost perfect and almost impossible to find, Floris Vetiver is too good to last, its got to be discontinued soon. The golden age is over boys, let's have a drink!

    14 October, 2009

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    Whether or not I like a vetiver fragrance is very much dependent on the vetiver's accompanying notes. Too bitter or sour (Goutal), salty (Lalique), or herbal (Villorosi) and it doesn't appeal to me. A few months back I went on a quest to find *the* vetiver that was right for me, and after sampling pretty much every vetiver available I decided on Floris. A pleasant vetiver is joined by mild citrus and geranium on application, as well as some light spices in the background. The strong vetiver note moves to the heart, and the vetiver itself is presented to emphasize the grassier aspects of the note (as opposed to the earthier), and the vetiver joins a very stately sandalwood-heavy woody accord. From there a woody/incense base closes out the fragrance.

    Since going on my quest I've come to appreciate other vetivers - Givenchy, LezNez, and Malle, but Floris remains my go-to when I need a crisp vetiver that fits any situation, season, or mood. It's discontinued so stock up before it's gone!

    11th August, 2009

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    Bergamot, lavender, lemon
    Cinnamon, clove, coriander, geranium, vetiver
    Amber, frankincense, patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, tonka bean
    This is a superb, classy scent. It is a crime that this gem is being discontinued. The opening is rich with plummy-aromatic bergamot, freshened by citrus and the merest whiff of lavender. Vetiver quickly appears, along with lovely warm spice notes. These two elements combine in a most pleasing way. The vetiver is very well done: dry, grassy-woody, typically tangy. It is not heavy and soapy as in Guerlain. Then, great wood notes appear: sandalwood and its usual friend, cedarwood. The sandalwood is very natural and enjoyable. This is a complex scent more than simply vetiver, Id call it a woody-spicy vetiver. It has depth and endless charms as it drys down. The vetiver and spices provide a comforting yet also invigorating tone. I like to think that the frankincense adds a subtle green note. This has my highest endorsement!

    08 May, 2009

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