Vétiver (1985)
    by Annick Goutal

    Vétiver Fragrance notes

    Javan vetiver, Woods, Birman spices, Iodine

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    Salty dry vetiver

    An excellent dry vetiver. At the top, there is almost a pleasant rubbery note; as it goes, a salty, seaside note becomes prominent, giving the vetiver an even fresher, drier aspect. Of note, the formula is different from that of the current Eau de Vetiver (which may have substituted the older vetiver); the eau de vetiver is lighter and citric, and lacks the depth of the original.

    27 May, 2013

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    This is a green, harsh, raw vetiver, smelling very much of the earth. Etro's Vetiver comes closest to it in my experience.

    I seem to detect some basil, tarragon and maybe a touch of cumin in its complexity.

    It's not for me as I prefer the more rounded, waker vetivers on the market, but for those looking for pure, raw vetiver, this is a good choice.

    29 November, 2012

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    I was at NM looking to score a free spritz of Encre Noire which I did and when the very charming SA asked me how I liked it I told her, "Oh I didn't know it was so leathery. I really don't wear leather much." After a liitle discussion she said she had the perfect vetiver for me and sent me home with a sample of Annick Goutal. When I tried it guess what I smelled? You guessed it. Leather. A not too bad leather though. Overall the fragrance is quite remarkable. Really pretty. Smells very refined and the leather seems kept in check by other notes. I can't wear it because I'm a certified leatherphobe of course but ironically perhaps I think it might be really sexy on a female and wouldn't object to smelling it on the right one.

    15 December, 2011

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    Along with the new Lanvin, this is one of the few vetivers I've tried with a distinctly hair spray / nail polish quality. Initially it's very dark and subdued, with more pineyness than most, and the almost nutty quality of the old Guerlain. A lighter green starts to show through, with makes me think of aloe vera for some reason (moreso the actual plant than the juice or processed products). It becomes inky, but in an unpleasant way...much heavier than Encre Noire. The inkiness becomes more and more rubbery over time, and thus heralds the beginning of the beauty salon smell. A bit of the nuttiness remains for a while, but soon all that I smell is harsh chemicals; any plant material of any sort is secondary. This really could have been good, but ended up just being a big waste of time.

    14 May, 2011

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    This Vetiver is such an odd mix of the elements. It’s the surf-and-turf perfume. I hear the words marine, aquatic and salty used often to describe fragrances and I always wonder what they mean. I understand marine when talking about Secretions Magnifiques. In that case it’s the scent of drying and decaying beach debris. I understand aquatic to be a marketing term to describe calone and related aromachemicals. Salty? You got me.

    Annick Goutal’s Vetiver gives you that blast of iodine at the outset that actually does suggest the scent of crashing surf thrown into the air. It’s very specific. It’s a scent that reminds you of the sea and not of iodine tincture or povidone-iodine. After the sea-air feel fades, though, Vetiver becomes an earthy scent. There is a tonka-coumarin note that combines with the less rootlike aspects of the vetiver to give a nice moist-hay, grassy scent. It smells a bit like a peaty Scotch. All of these elemental notes must sound a bit grim, but there is something that keeps Vetiver buoyant. It doesn’t actually smell floral, but in the heart something emerges that gives an impression that a soft white floral heart would also give. I’m not sure how it’s done, but it’s a great effect.

    22 February, 2011

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    Notes: Javanese vetiver, rare woods, iodine, Burmese spices
    I really like this scent! Like Eau d’Hadrien, it has a dry, uncompromising and exhilarating character. The grassy and cushy vetiver combines well with salty-briny iodine. I’m pretty sure that the ‘rare woods’ are oud, that goes well with the iodine and vetiver. The spices likely include clove and perhaps nutmeg. These earthy, pungent spices work well with the rootsy vetiver.

    14 July, 2010 (Last Edited: 08 April, 2011)

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