Vétiver de Puig (1978)
    by Antonio Puig

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    Vétiver de Puig information

    Vétiver de Puig is a men's fragrance by Antonio Puig. The scent was launched in 1978 and the bottle was designed by André Ricard

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    In most of the so called Vetiver perfumes (Guerlain, Creed, Lanvin, Carven, etc) the vetiver note is buried by a plethora of other notes that drown and do not let the"star note" of the perfume breathe normally.
    Guerlain is more of a tobacco perfume rather than vetiver, Lanvin's too much juniper and cloves, Carven's too much tart lemon, Azzaro's pure vetiver is more of a spice scent, and I can go on and on with this.
    Puig's is, on the other hand, a real Vetiver scent. Vetiver is dominant and you can really enjoy and appreciate what that note is all about. There are other notes in the perfume, but they support and compliment the main note and do not rob the spotlight from it.
    I like those other vetiver perfumes (well, with the exception of the reformulated Carven), but if I want "VETIVER" I'll stick with Puig's anytime (too bad Indian Vetiver is not longer available).
    Puig's is the most honest Vetiver in the market.
    Sillage and longevity are adecuate

    26th January, 2014

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    A balanced vetiver

    The core freatures have been described well in previous reviews, and Bokaba is spot on in regard to the balance and this scent. On my skin it is more on the restrained side, less forceful and elemental than it's Molinard cousin but a classic vetiver nonetheless. A plus is the very decent longevity of over five hours.

    13th June, 2013

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    Spain Spain

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    Gorgeous long lasting vetiver scent from the Antonio Puig House in Barcelona, Spain.

    Beautifully done in a masculine way; you can detect most notes if you pay attention carefully...

    Ideal for any time of the day and an all year round scent...big thumbs up...!!!

    14th October, 2010 (Last Edited: 15th September, 2014)

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    Puig is a company I have great respect for because they make excellent fragrances and sell them at reasonable prices. Both Quorum and Agua Lavanda are among my favorite scents. So it pains me to say this about Vetiver de Puig: this just isn't a good fragrance at all.

    The only vetiver I can smell in this comes in the top notes, and I can only smell it for about a minute or two. After that, Vetiver de Puig degenerates into a flat, flaccid smelling wood scent which smells to me like a watered down Fendi Uomo. I smell some boring wood notes and some patchouli in this, but little if any vetiver. I wouldn't even care too much about the lack of vetiver in this if the fragrance actually smelled good, but it doesn't smell good.

    I first sampled this by sniffing it on my wrist, and I thought it was pretty good at first. But my opinion of this scent soon changed. Since then I've given Vetiver de Puig two full-day wearings, and both times I couldn't wait to take a shower and scrub it off my skin. I hate this fragrance.

    Sorry, Puig. I think you're a great company, but you've produced a real stinkeroo here.

    MY RATING: 2/10

    05th August, 2010

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    Dominican Republic Dominican Republic

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    It has the same vetiver used in Guerlain's version. I love that vetiver (Haitian, I think), but I hate the tobacco in the Guerlain. This is my go-to vetiver.

    07th March, 2010

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    I bought this one without ever smelling it, and boy am I glad I did!

    I wanted something earthy and smokey that was different from anything I smell on the sheeple at work and that's exactly what I got. Who says newer is better?

    I thank all the people who gave such concise reviews.

    16th March, 2009

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