VIP for Men (1987)
by Giorgio Beverly Hills


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Year of Launch1987
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People and companies

HouseGiorgio Beverly Hills
Parent CompanyRevlon Inc > Elizabeth Arden Inc
Parent Company at launchAvon

About VIP for Men

VIP for Men is a masculine fragrance by Giorgio Beverly Hills. The scent was launched in 1987

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Reviews of VIP for Men

Here's what this scent evokes for me: A dark summer night in the 1980's, Cadillac El Dorado parked outside. The owner: A man sporting a polyester zoot suit with huge collars, chest exposed, walking into a seethy discotheque playing New Wave music, the smell of Aqua Net and booze wafting in the air.

Well...Giorgio Beverly Hills VIP fits right into that mystique, hand in glove. Loud, proud, and reeking of excess and gaudiness, like the era it's from.

Colognes like Santos de Cartier, Quorum by Puig, Anthracite by Jacomo, Halston 1-12, et. al. really give a good capsule summary of VIP: Aromatic fougere, refined in an 80's way, loaded with patchouli and spice and everything kinda nice.

Would I wear it now? Nope. But on its own, I don't dislike it. It's better crafted that the original Giorgio Beverly Hills, IMO, which is a bit more plain-Jane compared to the more well-rounded nature of VIP. For nostalgics, collectors, and those who want to really go all out and experiment.
18th March, 2017
Stardate 20160927:

It is a lot like Jaguar vintage. The one made in Switzerland. But better.
A powerful masculine of the era when cigarette smoke had to be pierced.
But unlike Jaguar this one has a sweet note making it much more wearable.


At the current prices I would get Jaguar instead.
28th September, 2016 (last edited: 10th October, 2016)
Yesterday I finally opened my new-in-box 120ml backup bottle of VIP. If you think that this is an even louder version of the already air-raid-siren decibel level original, you would be mistaken. While there is no denying that VIP’s size and power places it in the dreadnought class of male perfumery, its movement is surging with no jerky aggressive gestures and no shouting. It has the impression of soft density from the lush amber-suede backdrop and it is simply deeper, more balanced with less patchouli, and actually projects less than the original. I frankly do not understand the prior comments about the lack of note separation because, to me, the pièce de résistance of VIP is the extraordinary carnation note. (I will not pretend to know what comprises this accord --carnation/aldehydes/cinnamon? -- but I wish some other perfumer would recreate it and make it a focal point of a new perfume because there is nothing else like it and there is a great paucity of masculine carnation fragrances generally.) That spicy (but un-cloved) carnation ultimately fades to a deep rose, meshing nicely with the transition to the plush amber-suede-tonka-moss base. VIP is an iron fist in a velvet glove.
05th July, 2016
I prefer the original Giorgio for Men to the VIP flanker, but this is also a nice patchouli.
07th May, 2016
This, is one of the beauties of the 80's.

It has all of the gusto of it's older brother and better manners and complexity.
Like Balenciaga Pour Homme, Lapidus Pour Homme, Vintage Oscar DLR, one spray is enough. If you are have a hairy chest, a ton of gold around your neck and a silk shirt unbuttoned down to your six-pack, two is enough.
Like Montale's of today, it is tenacious as hell and lasts through a weekend, shower and all.
With that proviso, this is a wonderful example of a plethora of perfect notes orchestrated over a quality moss. It drys down to a base of textured moss. Glorious cleansing urinal cakes forever!!
06th March, 2016
My wife can't stand it...I love it! When I wear this, I feel I should put on a white suit with a pastel t-shirt and drive a Ferrari Testarossa! I have never worn the original GBH, but after this I certainly don't feel I have to. This is a wonderful and powerful fragrance! So seamless in it's delivery of patchouli, cedar, leather and rose. A true classic deserving of a place in every man's collection. A solid 8.5/10!
01st November, 2014

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