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Wall Street (1984)
by Victor


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Year of Launch1984
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Parent CompanyKelemata > Perlier
Parent Company at launchPerlier

About Wall Street

Wall Street is a masculine fragrance by Victor. The scent was launched in 1984

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stardate 20170921:

Leathery, piney old school masculine.
But not too loud. Good for all scenarios and folks including vespa riding, non-fat, vegan, half cal frapuccino drinking , no-sock wearing folks. Sorry Dandydude.

21st September, 2017
Crazy how good this is!
Truly one of the most masculine and cool scents ever. Makes me smile with every wearing....
Dominated by Fresh pine and leather
Put on a white Tee with a pack of camels rolled up in the sleeve.
Throw on a leather jacket.
Now jump on a Harley and take a drive through the country and breath it all in.
the pine
the Leather
the oakmoss
the dry tobacco....
Yep, you're cool like Fonzie.

On the other hand:
If you're looking for something to wear while driving your Vespa to the local Starbucks to enjoy a non-fat, vegan, half cal frapuccino with the rest of your skinny jeans/dress shoes with no socks buddies this is probably not for you.

27th March, 2017
Strangely this is one of my favorite scents but I thought it shouldn't have been named 'Wall Street'.I'm visualizing Felix Warburg puffing a cigar and saying to one of his staff 'So Kaganovich is enduring a forced famine and agricultural collectivization?...great!'.The scum of Wall Street and their usury system and cultural overrepresentation to privilege their own people.This cologne says the European/European descent male all the way.It's very mature and sophisticated.It's not a green scent because it has no forest vibe but a very aged character I agree with other reviewers on.Picture standing in a dimly lit dining room with with wooden panel baseboards,a chandelier,and mounted animal heads on the wall.Wall Street smells like leather and spices,a little cedar but start to pick up through the sharp citrus.Tobacco and civet or castoreum as it has a musky finish to this scent overall.By no means is Wall Street a clean smelling cologne but it combines sophistication of Polo Green with a dirty and aged character that a Yatagan wearer could appreciate.A darn shame it's discontinued.
31st January, 2016
i used to wear this in the early 90's as i worked in a bank. i loved it then and just picked some up recently and love it now. if only i could find it in a spray as opposed to splash.
here's hoping the Victor Co will bring this cologne back and with a tad more longevity.
cedar, leather, tobacco, and citrus make for a very nice scent. it smells authentic and not cheap. if anyone out there has this in a spray and would like to deal please contact me.
08th April, 2012
It's a musty fougere with a fascinating, high-keyed cedar reminiscent of sage and dill pickles - not unpleasantly, just enough to give it a touch of piss and vinegar. It's like wearing a tailored business suit with the first three buttons of your shirt undone. Pretty dashing.
26th November, 2011
Wall Street smells to me like Bulgari Pour Homme Extreme with more notes. The fact that I acquired both blindly within two weeks of each other is uncanny. The fact they have identically poor longevity is eerie. Wall Street features that same sort of ivy/tea scent that dominates the Bulgari offering but it's smokier, spicier, it belongs in a low-lit drawing room. It's such a strange juxtaposition of old money and fresh vigor that despite being a product of the 80's I can't call it dated. I enjoy this, and if it performed a little better I'd consider tossing my bottle of Bulgari. But hey, maybe they'll layer well.
In redux - considering their similar structures and performances, if Bulgari Pour Homme Extreme is a silver rum, Wall Street is a gold. Make sense?
11th July, 2011

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