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Weekend for Men (1997)
by Burberry


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Year of Launch1997
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

Parent CompanyBurberry
Parent Company at launchJean Philippe > Inter Parfums

About Weekend for Men

Pleasant crisp citrus notes settle down into a smooth breeze like odor. [AN]

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Reviews of Weekend for Men

Cheap synthetic citrus notes with some white florals over a shrill white musk base. There are some fruity elements, but very subdued (thankfully). It is not far removed from what many commercial products smell like, including floor cleaners, dish liquids, and laundry detergents. The base is more musky than woody.

This could have been potentially inspired by CK One and/or Acqua di Gio, but it showcases the worst elements of such fragrances. It is also easily the worst Burberry fragrance.

23rd January, 2017
Crisp green-fruity-citrus scent with no praise or blame – well, more blame than praise, quite on the synthetic/acrid side (a floor detergent, basically – imagine you’re using it to clean the tropical juice you’ve just spilled on the floor, here’s Weekend). Quite cheap overall, especially for the first minutes which are fairly loud and pungent; once it settles a bit on skin and finds its proper tuning, it’s a mildly enjoyable and exceedingly generic green-citrus-musky scent with those annoying metallic-pungent nonsense nuances many brands try to pass as “tropical fruity notes” – although luckily it’s more green-woody and citrus than tropical. Not that acrid anymore if compared to the opening, more metallic and “gassy” after a couple of hours, but still miles away from being something pleasant to wear. Anyway, linearly green and fruity on the lime-tropical side, and that’s all. Personally I’d rate this mediocre, to be generous; but if you’re looking for a summer fragrance and your pretenses are really (really, really) low, then here you go.

18th July, 2015
This is very tart aroma : too sharp and strong lemon for me.
18th May, 2015
gimpy Show all reviews
United States
Modern chypre

For as much bashing as this scent seems to get, I find it an extremely pleasant and modern chypre. A mix of citrus and what at times can admittedly smell like dryer sheets, over a fuzzy oakmoss base. Very simple and uplifting scent.

12th October, 2013
Eerie strange vibe

I just tried it on my wrists today and was in shock by its strange, metallic, synthetic and cloying smell on me.
Smelled it multiple times and over and over im in shock and Awe disliking it around me.

Im glad i have a 5 ml bottle

Its unique smelling thats for sure .
But somehow i find Weekend a strange fragrance its airy and unpleasantly strange and not a safe blind buy imo. maybe by its pineapple and lemon (citrus fruit) combo what makes this so freakingly strange. Normally i like strange scents but this one is one the dislike side.
Some reviewers say it smells like a laundry detergent and maybe in a way they are right.

Pros: Gladly i own a 5 ml bottle
Cons: Too synthetic for me"

24th August, 2013
YUK!! I can't stand it! It is to strong for my taste.
19th March, 2013

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