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Weil pour Homme (1980)
by Weil


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Year of Launch1980
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyAroli
Parent Company at launchFashion Fragrances

About Weil pour Homme

Weil pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Weil. The scent was launched in 1980

Weil pour Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of Weil pour Homme

An aromatic fougere halfway between the gutter and the sars

The group "aromatic fougere" might include shaving cream-like scents like YSL's Rive Gauche, powerbombs like Kouros, subtle blends like the vintage formulation of Rochas' Moustache, and chypre smell alikes, as Welil, sharing with this goup strong top notes. In this case, these morph into tradiional men's soap - like notes. It does remind me of One Man Show's and Krizia Uomo's opening in ts harshness, but the soapiness is there to stay for a fairly amount of time from the mid notes on.

I don't know if the current version (the one depicted) is a reissue of the original one or what: the only thing I can say is that it shares a family air with 1980's powerbombs. I can imagine it conveying a sense of creaminess lost in most of them, "rounded molecules" I call these notes. It does feel stingy to the nose. This does not affect its conservative aura, though.

Now, conservative does not mean delicate. Be aware of it - call my nose gaga, there is a note lurking around I can associate with one found in Kouros. Please, don't let me confuse you, they don't have anything in common. But the animalic - skankiness is there.

It does feel, mmm, boldy. The base notes save it from rudeness.

Pros: Strong if you like it
Cons: Strong if you don't"

23rd October, 2013
This is a review of the original 1980 production with the red cap. WPH is crusty, a little conservative, and lies somewhere between the geographically named fragrances of Capucci Punjab and Desprez’s Versailles. As has been mentioned in a previous review, it has an unceasing oleaginous quality that will repel all but the hardiest of wearers. I have a soft spot for this musty leather and herb laced dreadnought, but the fact that a couple of miniatures have lasted me well over a decade will probably tell its own story.
05th October, 2012
Visiting my friend Marcel in his hospital bed the other day, I was pleased to see that he seemed to have slightly recovered his health and his spirits. "I must tell you, mon cher Nitram," he informed me eagerly, "I have latterly made the discovery of Weil Pour Homme. An old school fragrance, if you like, but you know that I do like that sort of thing. It puts me in mind slightly of Cellini by Faberge, although the analogy is far from exact, Weil Pour Homme being somewhat drier, more haughty and more subdued. But Weil Pour Homme has something of the same overture of citrus and herbs, and something of that same rather delightful resinous quality. Its later developments are definitively smooth, warm and distinguished, in some ways like an expensive masculine soap, yet still with that herbal and resinous resonance. For some reason, it rather reminds me of the interior of a Bentley limousine. A rather traditional, elegant gentleman's cologne, to be sure. But, if you will excuse me now, I really must eat up this tapioca pudding which these kind nurses have put before me. I hope to see you soon."

EDIT: Weil Pour Homme Old and New: So as not to mislead potential purchasers, I should say that my review was for the older version of Weil Pour Homme (bottle with a large maroon 'W' on front and maroon plastic cap). The newer currently available version, relaunched in 2004, I believe, (squarish bottle with silver cap and faint horizontal silver lines on bottle) is a different, and to my nose, less delightful affair, having been reformulated. Lemon, lime and lavender have disappeared from the topnotes, to be replaced by pineapple. Lavender has been transposed to the midnotes and nutmeg added to them, although basil and jasmine still remain. The basenotes are also different, sandalwood replacing cedarwood, and tonka being omitted.
The newer Weil Pour Homme is still quite a nice, subtle, elegant scent but lacks the rather delightful resinous and soapy quality which I liked so much in the older version, especially in the basenotes. The basenotes of the newer version are an altogether more weak and boring affair, to my nose. Any comparison, however partial, with the excellent, discontinued Cellini by Faberge is completely inappropriate for the newer version.
17th September, 2011 (last edited: 10th October, 2011)
Very nice opening—a close-to-elegant citrus and lavender. It would be truly elegant if it weren’t for the slight oily feel to it. The aldehydes do not seem to be very prominent, but it is a very winning opening. The mid notes are very typical of the 80’s fragrances and are done as well as most of the others; it’s a green / slightly herbal accord that is a little too old school “cologny.” I myself am not put off by this because this is what I used to think colognes were all about, but it does seem out of date now, and I doubt that I would be happy wearing it. The mid notes eventually settle down a little to a close-to-the-skin green / herbal experience that is still cologny, and it reminds me of Paco Rabanne Pour Homme. The dry down doesn’t really lose that cologny tang because the leather, tonka, and labdanum are not strong enough to smooth out the accord—the accord remains sharply mossy / cedary and is in need of mellowing out. I don’t mind this scent so much, but I think many would find it too old school; and if one wants old school, I think there are better choices.
06th April, 2007
Somewhere between Generic-Zegna mod elegant and Salvador Dali PH (yes, the one with the lips) very good development. An elegant and little known frag.
11th October, 2006

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