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Wellington Cologne (1876)
by Geo F Trumper


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Year of Launch1876
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseGeo F Trumper

About Wellington Cologne

Wellington Cologne is a masculine fragrance by Geo F Trumper. The scent was launched in 1876

Wellington Cologne fragrance notes

Reviews of Wellington Cologne

A very mature citrus cologne..classy and British..minty lemon vibe that can be harsh but does mellow out..great after an early morning shave to awaken the senses..strong on the rosemary and signature lemon accord by trumpers..i prefer blonhiem but they are both exquisite and have differences that sway people's opinions.. Interesting point.. I applied this over nautica voyage one day.. Wow what a hybrid concoction, I created like a frankensteins monster of a fragrance but a good looking monster with class on his holiday on the riviera. If you have both fragrances I urge you to try it.
14th June, 2016
Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
No sex please, we're British

A rather strait-laced affair of clean lemon, on a background of herbs (mainly verbena and rosemary) and woods. Overall, it is quite dry and somewhat antiseptic. There is a definite similarity to Blenheim Bouquet but Wellington predates it by over 25 years. Despite its mid-Victorian origins, this isn't just for wearers of starched clerical and Gladstone collars; it seems to fit today's sterile sensibilities well. More specifically, I see this suiting physiotherapists, gynaecologists and anyone else keen to avoid intimations of sexuality.

It comes in a glass shaker bottle; the opening is small enough to make over-application difficult by even the clumsiest klutz. Sillage is restrained but longevity is quite good at about 6 hours from a vigorous spattering.

Pros: Composed
Cons: Staid"

13th October, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A longevity monster amongst Colognes

That bright summery top note combines a restrained lemon, a full-on neroli and a rosemary note, that in the drydown turns greener. This transforms into a mint aroma with a hint of eucalyptus, and after an aldehydic phase a strong pine note develops that I find indeed convincing. This is more that a traditional summer cologne; more complex and interesting by far. Additionally, on my skin it has great projection and excellent silage - and they last! Even more surprising, a - for a Cologne on me the longevity is a crazy seven hours. Being used to respray Colognes and most Creeds every hour or two - my annual bill for Hermes' EdOV is shameful - this is the most long-lasting Cologne I can recall for years. A Cologne of seminal characteristics and quality.

Pros: Longevity

18th June, 2013
Wow, I'm just not enjoying Wellington very much. Candied lemon and bergamot on top mix with a mentholated pine-ish note to smell like some sort of over-sweetened lemon cough drop. Eventually, the lemon candy fades to a scratchy, dusty verbena that just sort of sits next to a weird, slightly "off" piney wood smell.

And that's about it. I'm not getting any magic or depth, just dusty old wood and lemon cleaner and sweet cough drops. Perhaps a much-needed reminder that not every surviving classic is a masterpiece...
22nd March, 2013
Wooohh this one comes out swinging with a lovely lemony neroli orange. I can also detect a floral rosemary accord. The lemon in this instantly reminded me of when I was in Thailand having a drink in a outside bar. One hot night one of those exotic maidens of that land placed a cool towel fragranced with lemon onto my hot brow. Lol

I like this one a lot as it is so well blended. I love the way the lemon, orange, neroli and rosemary pine go well together.
15th January, 2012
This is very, very similar to Pen’s BB. Has a very nice lemon opening that I find not too strong ala BB. As with most citrus based scents, this fades over time and a nice green pine note emerges with subtle lemon in the background. I may not be into this type of scent in general, but find this more enjoyable than BB as that has a “BO” type of note that doesn’t agree with me. Longevity is average.
24th September, 2011

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