West Indian Limes (1870)
    by Truefitt & Hill

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    West Indian Limes information

    West Indian Limes is a men's fragrance by Truefitt & Hill. The scent was launched in 1870

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    United States United States

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    There is no doubt that this is one of the most "authentic" limes on the market, despite some subtle synthetic notes. It has a very pleasant opening, is very inoffensive, and is charmingly sweet.

    My only criticism is that dries down to an almost "Pez-like" smell after about thirty minutes. I am a person who enjoys his Pez, but it might not be the most sophisticated aroma in certain settings.

    I think this would be appropriate for summer and spring.

    17th November, 2013

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    Ireland Ireland

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    Reminds me of hospital cleaner.
    Im sure they have updated their recipe in the last 10 years as the scent has changed demonstrably.
    Strong, sweet citrus scent - lasts way too long, scared off many a female companion, before I even had the chance to scare them by talking.

    21st December, 2012

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    United States United States

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    I'm reviewing this one before I get to the others, because it stands out from their line; it's the strongest, longest-lasting lime scent that I've encountered in a long time. (Which isn't saying much, and I suspect the reason behind this is that a lot of it is synthetic.) The top notes are very crisp and sharp like Trumper Limes but quite a bit stronger, again like cutting into an actual lime. It weakens a bit after the initial citrus blast, but maintains that dirtier, slightly woodier scent that the rind itself has after everything's been squeezed from it. Beyond that, it starts to get sweeter, and even a bit candy-like (hence my suspicions of synthetic notes), but a fairly natural lime rind still obviously remains, along with some light woods. While Trumper GFT's undying lemon note is more convincingly natural than this, the Truefitt is still pleasant enough, and not nearly as bad as comparable designer atrocities, so I don't count this against it. I also don't see GFT as being enough of an apples-to-apples comparison. So if you want one of the myriad English lime scents, don't want it to be gone in a flash, and don't mind if it's got a more synthetic tinge to it, then this is your winner, hands down.

    08th October, 2011

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    A nice opening of lime, lemon and bergamot to this one. A bit different that GFT limes where that one is a complete blast of lime, but fades almost immediately.

    The T&H Limes evolves over time to develop some neroli notes with hints of lime creeping up throughout. I don't detect much of the lemon and bergamot from the opening as this develops either. Stays pretty linear to my nose through the mid and basenotes with hints of lime imbedded in neroli. Longevity is pretty decent lasting 4-6 hours on me and for a lime fragrance it is by far my favorite that I've tried.

    26th April, 2011

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Lime sweets in the opening, with a little sherbert fizz going on. Very nice and fluid and very refreshing. I get about 10 minutes of this candy cane lime and enjoy every one of them. Unlike other reviewers, I get virtually no other citrus at first except the sugary and moist lime note and it stays that way until I get some neroli come in. It's only then that I can detect other citric notes - I have an uneducated nose at best and i'm not really used to citrus-y colognes anyway, though.
    Some nice Neroli in the heart, and a lovely orangey limey petitgrain blends very well with it. Warm, but still very refreshing. This is very pleasant for a couple of hours on my skin, then evaporates into a skin scent with a tiny smidge of cloves and neroli.

    Personally, I prefer this to Trumper's Lime, which only gives me an hour or so of pleasure but is more of an example in what Limes actually smell like, as opposed to lime candy with flowery orange and to Taylor of Old Bond Street's Lime cologne which is the most serious straight Lime cologne i've tried and has a strange cleaning chemical aroma to it.

    If they found a way to double the longevity of this, it would be nicer but it does project quite well. Since this is such a refreshing pick-me-up frag, it probably does it favours to not last into the afternoon, though. T&H bottles are very nicely designed in my opinion, but they tend to have quite poor atomisers. Overall, if you like cheerful limes and you have a sweet tooth, it's a nice option for summer.

    04th August, 2009

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    Turkey Turkey

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    The "funnest" of the Lime scents.
    Starts with a deliciously wet and sweet lime, flanked by other citrus fruits.
    Progresses into a combination of the sharp/sweet/wet-lime/citrus, and a softer, sweeter neroli/spice.
    Finally settles into a soft, sweet Lime-rind/neroli/clove accord.
    Very good scent, albeit short-lived on skin.

    Lime, Lemon, Bergamot, Petitgrain, Neroli, Citronella, Orange Flower, Clove

    21st June, 2009 (Last Edited: 01st March, 2010)

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