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Worth pour Homme (1980)
by Worth


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Year of Launch1980
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerOdette Breil-Radius
Parent CompanyShaneel Enterprises Ltd

About Worth pour Homme

Worth pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Worth. The scent was launched in 1980 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Odette Breil-Radius

Worth pour Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of Worth pour Homme

Not a bad basic fougere from Worth.

I used to own the older formulation, and the impression I get from it is of a warm, green, relaxing nominal scent that exudes the typical spicy-woody-amber-musk quality found in better fougeres like Carven Homme (original) and Gucci Nobile.

A laid back cologne that can be worn for casual or formal occasions. Not the first one I'd turn to in the fougere category, but altogether Worth pour Homme is pleasant and gets the job done.
11th March, 2017
Do I need another fougere in my wardrobe? Well this is not just another lavender/tonka/oakmoss based perfume, it is an outstanding lavender perfume in a strong pine and oakmoss body and a leathery/woody background. It might get to close to Paco Rabanne pour homme for some, but WpH is smoother, spicier and not as sweet. I like them both and I think that both of them have a room in my wardrobe.
Sillage and longevity are better than average
12th April, 2015
Fashion is temporary....

Smoothest warmest notes with an edge, a thrill, that keeps the thing alive. It's as though Kouros and Boucheron PH teamed up and then the result was mellowed in oak casks for several decades. A kinda yellow Kouros rather than the steel blue one we already love. Rather oddly, every now and then, I catch a tiny slither of something that reminds me of Rive Gauche Homme. I can't ignore how strange it is that 2 of the fragrances this brings to mind are from the same stable. Fragrance like this are what keeps me looking for my next new hit and also what leads to increasing despair with every new mainstream release I find in Boots the chemist.

Pros: Classic fragrance with style
Cons: Difficult to find the good bottles"

29th August, 2013
Hojji77 told everything. Having recently purchased on the web a couple of inexpensive bottles of this, I was completely deceived by good comments. The version I have, which is the modern one, is not good.
ONly a short lived blast of laundry, tonka musk and whatever, gives it a old fashion style, very similar to the baseontes of the yardely's lavander.
06th May, 2013
WpH presents a difficult review situation because of the highly fragmented state of bottles, boxes, and reformulations. The following remarks apply to the TALL, FLUTED bottle version in the GOLD/CLEAR box, made in England.

This stuff is an evil travesty of whatever its "true" formulation is or ought to be. Far from "haut concentration," the tall bottle contains perhaps the weakest, limpest dribble that I have ever put on--a dim and dismal sub-cologne smell that makes a ten-dollar bottle of 4711 seem like a powerhouse foghorn in comparison. Clearly it has nothing at all in common with the versions referenced below.

Abysmal, and I have never felt worse about spending six dollars.
11th September, 2012
Worth Pour Homme is an extremely classic fougere: no doubts. If you're into "first-wave" type of masculines and if your idea of cleanness brings to mind of Kouros, then Worth Pour Homme is for you. A slightly severe opening with loads of herbs (and the usual lavender accord) introduces a leathery/musky composition of incredible beauty. A remarkable woody presence reinforces the general masculine vibe while subtle floral patterns provide incredible refinements. Civilized yet not too mannered, long lasting but not overpowering, fresh with just a tad of dirtyness providing and incredible balance. Terrific.
31st January, 2012

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