Worth pour Homme (1980)
    by Worth

    Worth pour Homme Fragrance Notes

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    Wild Gardener
    England England

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    No problems with the recently purchased bottle in the blue box.
    1st cousin to Paco Raban PH, and for less than £10 a winner!

    23 November, 2013

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    England England

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    Fashion is temporary....

    Smoothest warmest notes with an edge, a thrill, that keeps the thing alive. It's as though Kouros and Boucheron PH teamed up and then the result was mellowed in oak casks for several decades. A kinda yellow Kouros rather than the steel blue one we already love. Rather oddly, every now and then, I catch a tiny slither of something that reminds me of Rive Gauche Homme. I can't ignore how strange it is that 2 of the fragrances this brings to mind are from the same stable. Fragrance like this are what keeps me looking for my next new hit and also what leads to increasing despair with every new mainstream release I find in Boots the chemist.

    Pros: Classic fragrance with style
    Cons: Difficult to find the good bottles"

    29 August, 2013

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    Corrado Finardi
    Italy Italy

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    Hojji77 told everything. Having recently purchased on the web a couple of inexpensive bottles of this, I was completely deceived by good comments. The version I have, which is the modern one, is not good.
    ONly a short lived blast of laundry, tonka musk and whatever, gives it a old fashion style, very similar to the baseontes of the yardely's lavander.

    06 May, 2013

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    United States United States

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    WpH presents a difficult review situation because of the highly fragmented state of bottles, boxes, and reformulations. The following remarks apply to the TALL, FLUTED bottle version in the GOLD/CLEAR box, made in England.

    This stuff is an evil travesty of whatever its "true" formulation is or ought to be. Far from "haut concentration," the tall bottle contains perhaps the weakest, limpest dribble that I have ever put on--a dim and dismal sub-cologne smell that makes a ten-dollar bottle of 4711 seem like a powerhouse foghorn in comparison. Clearly it has nothing at all in common with the versions referenced below.

    Abysmal, and I have never felt worse about spending six dollars.

    11th September, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    Worth Pour Homme is an extremely classic fougere: no doubts. If you're into "first-wave" type of masculines and if your idea of cleanness brings to mind of Kouros, then Worth Pour Homme is for you. A slightly severe opening with loads of herbs (and the usual lavender accord) introduces a leathery/musky composition of incredible beauty. A remarkable woody presence reinforces the general masculine vibe while subtle floral patterns provide incredible refinements. Civilized yet not too mannered, long lasting but not overpowering, fresh with just a tad of dirtyness providing and incredible balance. Terrific.

    31st January, 2012

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    United States United States

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    This first review is for the Haute Concentration formula in a blue & red paisley box (which I was pointed to by a lot of reviewers initially). If you think there is any correlation of THIS Haute Concentration bottling to Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, then you should not be on this forum or buying anything to help you smell good - because you are clueless. Do not confuse scents - this is nothing at all similar to Worth Pour Homme. Worth Haute Concentration is simply nothing like its mild-mannered and book-studied older brother - this is the obnoxious, loud-mouth black sheep of the family who is probably too macho for his own good - but not for me. Worth Pour Homme, currently in a blue box, is a comparable aromatic fougere in the traditional sense - this is anything but traditional. I, personally, put Vintage Paco Rabanne Pour Homme on a pedestal - it is suave, fresh, sophisticated, green, warm and harmonious. It is the best scent ever created for a man and the essence of what an aromatic fougere will ever attempt to be.

    Getting back to the review of Worth HC - this is one strong, slap-in-the-face scent. Haute Concentration for sure! Wow! The sinuses were cleared by the initial blast...it only took one on my wrist to realize this could be used for huffing if one wanted an olfactory high. But, then the scent warmed up on my skin and after about 30 minutes of sharp carnation, motor oil-thick patchouli and a slap of spiked citrus bitters, I dried up my nose-bleed (head tilted back). ;-) I actually love the opening - this IS HAUTE CONCENTRATION! Then, Worth HC hits a nice point of lavender, heavy moss and rosemary (fresh-cut, not dried) cloud around you that softens up into a nice soapiness (a good thing - almost a lather of nice, warm leathery moss with lavender and a blend of soft floral and green notes). This inviting fog has allure - we are now in the early 80's and polyester has a place in our attire. Driving a Mercedes 450SL convertible and the late days of disco and early club music is what this smell evokes images of...along with, somehow, a sense of being in London in cool weather (there is a British pompousness to this that I like - I think chaps in London's gentlemen clubs and blue collar pubs wore this...and both still do). I would not wear this in warm weather unless I wanted to offend somebody - and I just may put a dousing on come spring time in the evening. The paisley box is obnoxiously retro-cool...I like it along with the bottle itself. This has a vibe to it. Wow - damn good scent which could start a barroom brawl or cause you to get spun. This is a lava lamp that is about to melt - retro but hot to the touch. Eventually, it settles to some degree - but always keeps an edge.

    Warning - this will stain your clothes! The juice even left a ring around my sleeves and shirt collar - my wife has color-safe deep cleaning and there is still a faint trace of it after washing twice! This is what I imagine London hipsters to wear out to nice bistros and then hit a pub and watch a live band with loud screaming guitars. Very hip & cool in that way too - not just for "gentlemen".

    This is serious and not for the faint-of-heart: 8+/10. It has a place on my shelf and one of admiration. I will come back for more slaps in the face by Worth Haute Concentration with a smile. Wear this with a hipster attitude, retro clothes and a leather coat. Or, it will wear you. I will not buy any other bottle from this fragrance producer - it is not "worth" it after trying this and reading the other reviews.

    I have Vintage Paco Rabanne (Original and New Vintage), Vintage Azzaro Pour Homme and Vintage Revillon Pour Homme (as well as numerous other classic aromatic fougeres. None are like this bottle in sheer strength. Truly "Worth" every pence...cheerio!

    **UPDATE** - this 2nd review is for the reformulated blue box bottle (Made in England) that is clear - not the original as shown above or the Haute Concentration, which is an entirely different scent. This is true classic, aromatic fougere captured in a bottle. Shamu's review (along with alfarom's) and a few others led me to this blind-buy purchase. I am very happy I did! The top notes of lavender and herbs are sharp and pronounced - a blast hits your nose...and old-school vibe with what I look for. Great note integration as the pyramid fills in - note separation in a well-made aromatic fougere like this is excellent (and I took my time really examining this on my arm - 2 full sprays):

    Top notes are rosemary, nutmeg, cinnamon, lavender, mandarin orange, petit grain and bergamot
    Middle notes are carnation, green notes, brazilian rosewood, pine tree needles and geranium
    Base notes are leather, tonka bean, amber, musk, oakmoss, balsam fir, vetiver and cedar

    The notes are all there - wonderful composition. While one "element" is missing and cannot be included and that is the classic slightly-soapy vibe that Worth Pour Homme offers (and I mean that in a good way). A gentlemen scent that transcends time...I don't think I would want this to be a "louder", more powerhouse fragrance. It is meant to be applied liberally, yes, but also the refinement and class this has means one should not try to overly-project it, in my opinion.

    It is no secret - Vintage Paco Rabanne Pour Homme is my all-time favorite scent for man. There are other fantastic, classic scents that are classified as Aromatic Fougeres - but this one stands out on its own merit. The base notes of great leather, balsam fir (which transcends from the pine needles in the heart) and musk are truly wonderful, albeit a touch soapy (fine, french-milled soapiness - that is). The green notes are there, but not as prevalent as Paco Rabanne Pour Homme - neither are some other base notes, but in place is the rich leather as pointed out by Shamu and others. Also, credit to Sniffman - the pine needles and fir in the heart and base of Worth Pour Homme are definitely similar in composition to Vintage Revillon Pour Homme (1977) - excellent note recognition. Although, everything is turned down here...as Revillon PH is a much more bolder scent - majestic juice!

    I don't believe this is outdated - it is classic. Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, Azzaro Pour Homme, Worth, and other numerous Aromatic Fougeres do not go out of style...in my opinion, they exude class, sophistication, taste and knowledge of fragrance. To not have these (among other great fougeres) in my wardrobe would be simply unimaginable. Excellent fragrance - 8.5/10. I cannot say I like this more than the Haute Concentration (in the blue & red paisley box) by much, but I give it the nod because it is imminently far more wearable and chic. What it lacks in macho, it more than makes up for in class & taste.

    06 January, 2012 (Last Edited: 06 March, 2013)

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