Xeryus (1986)
    by Givenchy

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    The male partner to Givenchy's Ysatis. It is a woody fragrance containing notes of Artemisiam, Cypress and Amber. The packaging is the exact opposite of Xeryus Rouge.
    It was originally to be called Keryus, until YSL objected that the name was too similar to its Kouros scent.

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    if you're a fan of Amber, as I am, then this is a good place to start. It is a friendly fragrance and projects an air of sophistication without insisting upon itself.

    27 February, 2014

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    A nice citrus-artemisia opening leads to a woody cypress drydown. In the base a restrained moss and an ambery note combine to a classic fougère. As is expected there is a soapy ending that is a bit too strong for my taste, but fits in well. Classic, not truly remarkable but well done. Decent silage and projection and five hours of longevity on my skin.

    12 January, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Quality fragrance, just way too soapy opening for me. I smell "Irish Spring" soap for the entire opening. Not bad, but not something I'd wear.

    30th October, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    talking of Vintage a really refined scent for refined people!

    12 October, 2012

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Spicy, warm, amberish (not unlike old-school Pears soap but more complex).

    But ultimately dry-down a little thin, even synthetic?

    Gone, but not forgotten.

    1 All taste is personal.
    2. Smell is probably the most subjective of all five senses.
    3. Try before you buy. (On paper first, then skin.)

    10th October, 2012

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    Moss is boss with Xeryus. Fragrances such as Acqua Di Selva that contain a prominent oakmoss tend to be very dry and sharp. Xeryus manages to be more refined by buffing the edges with citrus and sweet. After the opening, the woods come to the fore and Xeryus becomes even more comfortable to wear.

    It's a bridge fragrance: it looks back toward classic male perfumery via the oakmoss and woods, staples of old school scents such as the aforementioned Acqua Di Selva, without being dated while the tempering, quite mild sweetness (very mild) looks toward trends that would flourish in the Nineties and later.

    I wore this in my very early Twenties without any "old man" comments (whatever the hell that term means) and it was one of my staples. I'm glad to have returned to it twenty years later and to have found it still going strong.

    25 August, 2011

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