XS Extrême pour Homme (2000)
    by Paco Rabanne

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    XS Extrême pour Homme Fragrance Notes

    XS Extrême pour Homme information

    The Extreme version of the original XS Pour Homme. Heavily based on the 1993 original but contains alternative notes of Dewberry Fruit, Teak and Russian Leather. Its not too different from the original, so I'd recommend it for fans of the original. If you don't like XS Homme, It's unlikely you'll like this.

    The Packaging is the same as XS but its a fiery red and orange colour. The bottle has the same zippo style but with a bronze lid and liquid.

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    the XS with oakmoss and (why oh why...) watermelon. its unique and have one of the most beautiful transition of scent from all Paco's that I owned (even if the scent is not really special)

    my encounter with XS Extreme is when there's an offer I cant refuse. a used bottle for 15$? hell yeah! gimme that bottle! I expect it would not be too far from original XS, it might be the intense version! that why they give it Extreme tag, right?

    I was wrong all along... there's no much similarity with XS here, actually the notes are quite different to be called something else entirely. this XS Extreme features so many different notes (might be too many) that it held few in common, ended up a very unique fragrance. its mossy-woody-leathery-watery-citrusy, all into one!

    the opening is my favourite citrus. rather woody-bitter and very nice, its rather rough, but nice! the mid dominated by watermelon and sweet-woody (rosewood?) and its rather awkward... the worst part of this fragrance is here. its ended up more sweet-leather-woody which is good, but not good enough. its fair to say the best part is the opening.

    the sillage and longevity is good, but not as good as other Paco like Black XS or 1 Million. you might find this fragrance to be more casual rather than party scent. good for office wear, its unoffensive

    16 January, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    The opening is as fresh and fruity as the one of the original, may be less green and sour while the following development is stronger because of the new usage of teak wood and the over dosage of leather. The dry down is darker and more intense than XS and with a shadowy leathery mark. The fruity temperament is still acute, the botanic touch less prominent while the masculinity is a more modern and marked one.

    01st September, 2011

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    United States United States

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    The original smells good, and this does not. They cranked up the dry, green bitterness and I think it resembles Creed's Himalaya a bit more because of it. Of course I'm going on memory here so I could be mistaken. It doesn't matter though, because this isn't really something that I'd want to smell, nor would I want others smelling it on me.

    17 October, 2010

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    Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

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    Hate this fragrance so id probably hate the original. Its too strong for my taste. Not modern at all.

    26 August, 2009

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    after the majority good reviews here i bought this blind but it turned out to be a mistake. This is a loud, sharp-smelling, and dated offering that instantly overpowers you. Therefore i could not wait for the dry down and quickly tried to wash it off - unsuccessfully. Personally, there is nothing inviting about this for me, but its hard to say how it might come across if i smelled it on someone else. All in all a waste of my money. My dad might love it though - that classic loud, brash, 'real man' image lol.

    12 June, 2009 (Last Edited: 26 November, 2009)

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    United States United States

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    The name says it all. Extreme is definitely a stronger version of the original XS. I don't know why they bothered to mess with the top notes. The new top notes does make Extreme smell a bit fresher leaving some wondering why they bothered to make it at all. Extreme is still a very good fragrance with a woody floral and fresh woods heart and base and just as good as the original XS.

    26 February, 2009

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