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Yatagan (1976)
by Caron


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Year of Launch1976
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 727 votes)

People and companies

PerfumerVincent Marcello
Parent CompanyAles Group
Parent Company at launchA.H. Robins

About Yatagan

Yatagan is a masculine fragrance by Caron. The scent was launched in 1976 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Vincent Marcello

Yatagan fragrance notes

Reviews of Yatagan

Yatagan is primarily built on a structural base of resinous amber with a lot things done to it.I get a good bit of pine needles and a hunk of old leather that darkens this resin and rubs out it's original sweetness to a degree.Cinnamon syrup instead is added which makes me think of Red for Men a little bit.I don't get much musk really but the aged patchouli is isolated from the amber and it's fairly generous.There is a mild note in this people call herbal that's dry,lightly green,and salty...celery salt.It sounds a little odd to experience but if the 'colors' of scent in this fragrance are brown and green so the celery salt just makes it a bit more rustic.

To me I think Yatagan smells great but I'm going to throw some tips out there on wearing it.Definitely a casual wear fragrance and not formal because it has no clean characteristics to it.Not for hot weather because amber is such a thick,warm,and heavy note...everything in it radiates easily and can be overwhelming in the heat.Very much a love or hate fragrance-people who hate patchouli will make no exception for Yatagan.Very moderate projection through 2 sprays and last a pleasant 8 hours.
24th February, 2018
I'm getting only Aramis Devin right the way through from start to finish.
So much so that I'm wondering if I've been ripped off with the sample I purchased to try it out.
I've worn it on three separate occasions and the result is the same. Aramis Devin.
Neutral vote only because I quite enjoy Devin when purchased as such.
Anyone else?
18th January, 2018
Herbal. Prominent pine and patchouli. A little castoreum. Yes, there's a celery salt, celery seed, or mustard type flair that only adds to its character.

Fanatics would also dig Phileas and Les Copains Homme, I think.
12th January, 2018
It is ‘The’ perfect outdoor fragrance. Perfect amount of earthy, smoky and spicy notes. If you love to shop at L.L. Bean and love outdoor activities, you should have Yatagan in your collection. I can assure you there will be no shortage of compliments.
24th December, 2017 (last edited: 25th December, 2017)
Old-school and mature with lots of leather and sharp herbs. Comes off kinda soapy too, like an old industrial soap.

Excellent performance, projects and lasts all day.
30th October, 2017
There's quite a lot of nonsense written about this scent. It is not some unwearable monster with unspeakable scents of animal nether regions. What there is the most warm, enveloping, and frankly unique mixture of pine forests, warm leather, and bitter aromatic herbs that stick fairly close to your skin. To date I've not found a single person who hasn't loved smelling it. It gives me as the wearer a feeling of a second skin, something leather or fur. There are definite overtones of saddle leather, and feel of having just dismounted after a hard gallop on the finest steed. A scent to be treasured, and one I hope never goes out of production in my lifetime.
11th July, 2017

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