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Yatagan (1976)
by Caron


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Year of Launch1976
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerVincent Marcello
Parent CompanyAles Group
Parent Company at launchA.H. Robins

About Yatagan

Yatagan is a masculine fragrance by Caron. The scent was launched in 1976 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Vincent Marcello

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Reviews of Yatagan

Yatagan was the first fragrance I ever bought blind. I had just discovered Basenotes, the whole online fragrance world was new to me, and I really wanted to try this raging beast of fragrance folklore.

No internet fragrance board can ever prepare someone for what Yatagan actually smells like, although the notes have been characterized many, many times on this website. I must admit, I recoiled a little at first spritz, and the Yatagan went into the fridge for about a year. I found it shocking, and freaked-out a little. It was that wormwood, I tells ya... It's just so all-conquering, so "BOOM!", right off the top.

Ten years later, and I wear Yatagan frequently. It no longer freaks me out, but I do use it carefully and no, I don't find it necessary to reapply during the afternoon.

As many have noted before me, Yatagan is a bleak beauty, and in this day and age of generic fragrance dreckitude, it attracts attention. I currently have several bottles of it, insurance against any cockamamie ideas that Caron may have about "modernizing" it. I sincerely hope that this one is never, ever altered.
23rd August, 2015 (last edited: 02nd September, 2015)
gimpy Show all reviews
United States
Pine, Celery Seed, Castoreum, and Wormwood.

Bitterly dry and aromatic. You'd never know this fragrance was released in the 70s as it's not dated at all.

Lovers of dry and green fragrances need to do whatever it takes to sample this. It's been in my top 3 or 5 ever since I've discovered it.

Longevity is not the best, however.
23rd August, 2015
When I first smelled this, I immediately recoiled. Once I was done showing my utter disgust, I bought it.

Why anyone would ever actually wear it, however, I have no idea.
07th May, 2015
To my nose Yatagan is a wood scent, with hints of green and leather underneath. I smell the lavender in the top which makes for a soft, very old school type scent, but not in a barbershop way.

Initial projection is fairly big, so a little is a lot with this one. Longevity is a good 8 hours. I normally don't care for fragrances that project on my skin as much as Yatagan seems to, but the scent is so likeable and different than anything in my collection, I'm happy I have it.

Definitely a winter, fall scent, perhaps I'll wear it to a casual evening out in a cool early spring. I need to experience it a few more times so I can control the projection.

01st March, 2015
Yatagan by Caron is a soft pine mixed with castoreum and leather. I also smell patchouli but not in an offensive way. Yatagan is one fragrance that sticks to my skin which is unusual. I love it to say the least. I read that it was released in 1978 but I did not hear about it until last year.
08th January, 2015
It's like fall leaves and pine with a funky patchouli. There's a salty celery note in there as well. It's good at what it does but one feels like one should be a lumberjack wearing this.
23rd November, 2014

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