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Yatagan (1976)
by Caron


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Year of Launch1976
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerVincent Marcello
Parent CompanyAles Group
Parent Company at launchA.H. Robins

About Yatagan

Yatagan is a masculine fragrance by Caron. The scent was launched in 1976 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Vincent Marcello

Reviews of Yatagan

Forest wood spirits!
Arise to this nose and teach
Your joyous life song.
14th July, 2018
This is a comparison of vintage mid-80s Yatagan (grey bottle sticker/box with a sword motif) and the current formula, purchased in I believe 2014.

Vintage = more bitter, green, mossy, cool, earthy, better proportioned animalics; a clear cyphre. Modern = warmer, sweeter, more powerful, stronger animalics and leather used with less grace and intention without the offsetting moss.

OK. First off, both are wonderful scents, but there are very clear differences.

Compared to the modern formula, the opening and heart stages of this vintage feel considerably more green (stronger galbanum and moss notes, I think), bitter and vaguely poisonous (more wormwood and/or artemesia), earthy and damp, like forest greenery and soil. It feels more "cool" and slightly sinister. The bitter mossy green tone reminds me of a smoother Aramis Devin, which is not a parallel I ever drew with the modern formula. I think there's less celery, or it's more of a raw celery vs. toasty celery salt.

The modern version feels more arid and has a toasted warm tone with a bit of sweetness that I never picked up before when not comparing with the vintage. The forest notes are there, but this is a dry forest in summer. They both feel rich, but in entirely different ways. The modern version feels considerably more powerful in the opening and beyond, but in an almost bloated, unfocused way, like they're replacing the lithe richness of the bitter mossy green notes with a warm, musky personality that's slightly blown out of proportion.

That basic difference continues through the evolution: the vintage stays greener, mossier, and cooler, and importantly, smells more clearly like a cyphre with a greater moss element. The modern replaces the natural moss that makes the cyphre personality so compelling with a castoreum/musk/leather chord. The vintage is more woody/mossy/dry leather, with a quieter but better-integrated animalic accord.

The gap nearly closes deep in the base, but never disappears entirely. The differences are very apparent for a long time - like at least 4-5 hours.

The vintage version is a lot quieter, and actually strikes me as the more versatile, well-behaved sibling. The modern version is entirely respectable, but I can't deny that my nose is naturally drawn to the more natural and well-proportioned earthy-cool environment of the vintage.

Both versions are among my all-time favorites.
25th May, 2018
Starts off with an "in your face" alcoholic blast which is not overly pleasant but soon drys down to a lovely piney, herbal, leather concoction which is extremely manly and a reminded of how things used to be in male perfumery in days gone by. Something that I personally love to wear although the new kids on the block might be slightly offended especially by the opening. Probably one of my favorite ever fragrances. Has an addictive quality to it where you just can't stop sniffing yourself.

19th May, 2018 (last edited: 20th May, 2018)
ad_scott Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Close to perfection for a winter time fragrance. Very well balanced, comforting and unique. Off the bat the scent is remindful of a Spanish leather bag shop. Warm, refined leather.
20th April, 2018
Yatagan is primarily built on a structural base of resinous amber with a lot things done to it.I get a good bit of pine needles and a hunk of old leather that darkens this resin and rubs out it's original sweetness to a degree.Cinnamon syrup instead is added which makes me think of Red for Men a little bit.I don't get much musk really but the aged patchouli is isolated from the amber and it's fairly generous.There is a mild note in this people call herbal that's dry,lightly green,and salty...celery salt.It sounds a little odd to experience but if the 'colors' of scent in this fragrance are brown and green so the celery salt just makes it a bit more rustic.

To me I think Yatagan smells great but I'm going to throw some tips out there on wearing it.Definitely a casual wear fragrance and not formal because it has no clean characteristics to it.Not for hot weather because amber is such a thick,warm,and heavy note...everything in it radiates easily and can be overwhelming in the heat.Very much a love or hate fragrance-people who hate patchouli will make no exception for Yatagan.Very moderate projection through 2 sprays and last a pleasant 8 hours.
24th February, 2018
I'm getting only Aramis Devin right the way through from start to finish.
So much so that I'm wondering if I've been ripped off with the sample I purchased to try it out.
I've worn it on three separate occasions and the result is the same. Aramis Devin.
Neutral vote only because I quite enjoy Devin when purchased as such.
Anyone else?
18th January, 2018

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