Yohji Homme (1999)
    by Yohji Yamamoto

    Yohji Homme Fragrance notes

    Liquorice, Rum, Coffee, Cinnamon, Leather

    Yohji Homme information

    Housed in a tall elegant bottle, this fragrance, created by Patou parfums, contains unusual notes of Coffee, Rum and Licorice. Yum yum.
    In 2002 The Yohji license was acquired from Jean Patou by Procter & Gamble.

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    Italy Italy

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    Yohji Homme (Original Formula)

    Many things have been said about Yohji Homme including, obviously, that's basically a fougere with smooth boozy-gourmandic facets. Lavender prominent with spicy elements, woody and bittersweet but, most of all, with an incredible balance and an overall classicism inherent to it. It's able to smell modern and traditional at the same time. Casual and elegant, sophisticated and easy to like. I'd dare saying this represents perfection in an unambitious and unpretentious genre mainly targeted to younger crowds. I'm generally not a fan of these type of compositions but Yohji, especially when compared to other fragrances playing similar themes, destroys boundaries and elevates itself to the *classic* status.

    19 March, 2014

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    There is little to be added to what some reviewers mentioned previously. A touch of top freshness that night immediately morphs into the anise-licorice drydown that is beautifully balanced. Added are some boozy rum and a hint of coffee, and this is the longitudinal core note of this scent. In the base sandalwood and a very soft leather - reminding me a bit of Farina's Kölnisch Juchten - is added, but the anise-licorice note remains ever-present. This is beautifully blended, smooth without being especially sweet and is never cloying. Clearly a gourmand, but a restrained, elegant but warm composition that's even lighter than my reference light gourmand Casual Friday. Rich but not pushy, is is an unusually versatile gourmand fragrance that in my case can even be worn - sparingly - at work. Adequate silage and projection, and on my skin with a very good longevity of nearly six hours. One of the few great elegant gourmand masterpieces.

    21st April, 2013

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    United States United States

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    *This is a review of the original release.

    Yohji Homme opens with a deliciously well-blended combination of sharp bergamot citrus, lavender and the beginnings of a slowly growing licorice-like anise and slightly sweet rum tandem that at this stage takes a back seat to the citrus. In the early heart the anise and rum take the fore as the citrus all but disappears quickly, while joined by faint hints of carnation and cinnamon. During the superbly transitioned dry-down, the anise and rum finally dissipate, revealing a leather spiked powdery cocoa-like coffee base with just the faintest additional sweetness from supporting tonka bean. Projection and longevity are both very good.

    The original discontinued release of Yohji Homme is a truly fabulous gourmand. The rum note mixes with an extremely well-implemented anise note perfectly, coming off as absolutely delectable. Transitions throughout the scent's development are deftly handled to the point of the scent morphing from its boozy heart into its leather and powdery coffee base seemingly out of nowhere. This kind of structure can only be achieved by a master nose at the top of their game and I suspect as others have mentioned in other reviews that Jean Kerleo who had just left Jean Patou before its release was indeed responsible for a good part of Yohji Homme's core structure... That said, credit needs to be given to Jean-Michel Duriez who officially is the nose behind this reference gourmand. As an aside, Yohji Homme is supposed to be re-released shortly after the posting of this review, and I confess I am eager to see if it is left relatively well-intact. If indeed it is, gourmand fans (and fragrance lovers in general) can certainly rejoice, as in its original form at least, Yohji Homme is just about as good as it gets in the gourmand genre, earning a strong 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5.

    22 November, 2012

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I purchased this with great anticipation after hearing about the fougere/licorice theme but I was so disappointed. I get an overarching blast of acrylic reminiscent of those badly ventilated korean nail shops that are dotted along the high street. Charmless and head-ache inducing. RIP

    24 September, 2011

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    Brazil Brazil

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    Yohji Homme starts out with a citrus blast accompanied by a coffee smell that fades out real fast. Trough time, as the fragrance goes on, the rum appears mixed with the star anise, giving a particular sweet smell. Overall a good light scent that stays on the skin for actually a long time.

    21st August, 2011

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    The bittersweet, brilliant, and now discontinued, Yohji Homme pushes the inedible fougère theme to its very brink and then teeters there with absolute control, eyeing up the gourmand abyss below. This artful pivoting depends on a clutch of grown-up ingredients demanding care and restraint – coffee, liquorice, cocoa, rum – all delicious, but none simply so: liquorice, used so assertively here, is both food and palate cleanser. Likewise, coffee smells wonderful but tastes bad (because bitter) and our enjoyment comes from gathering its aroma in our mouth and exhaling it through our nose via the throat. Yohji Homme’s taut arrangement of notes around the amber glow possibility of food, without ever surrendering its herbaceous-soapy character, is the standout feature of this quiet, dark, and fiercely cerebral scent.

    02 August, 2011

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