YSL pour Homme (1971)
    by Yves Saint Laurent

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    Yves Saint Laurent's signature fragrance.
    FIFI awards winner in 1974

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    As everyone and their mother knows, opens with a blast of lemon (not unlike the wood cleaner Pledge). Then settles into a disco club friendly scent. One can almost smell the large collared polyester shirt in this but oddly is likable. It's no where near as majestic as it probably once was but me and John Travolta will still wear it..

    20th February, 2014

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    Lemony herbal

    EricRico and Darvants reviews are spot on! i cannot add anything to it.
    Are you into vintage classic gentleman like scents like chanel pour monsieur monsieur balmain and armani original then you will love this.

    - its certainly not tacky, wild, uncommon, strange, arty or a daring scent
    Its more a :
    - Fresh, classy, gentleman-ly, conservative, safe, wise scent

    Opens heavy in lemons and dry herbals and settles into a gentleman kind a way but it gets in his drydown a bit bitter.
    My wife was not in love with this on me.
    She stated :
    I think it smells better on you when you are in your 60's but not now!

    I must admit that i understand her opinion
    because i feel a bit more serious and wiser wearing this, like if im in a naughty mood and this potion keeps you more reserved.
    No scent for clubbing.

    Pros: Fresh , longevity
    Cons: Can smell outdated"

    25 August, 2013

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    Very ephemeral

    The latest release:

    Whilst I have great memories of the original vintage juice, this is a citrus-wam sniff that only lasts an hour. Not obnoxious, but tedious. Boring.

    16 June, 2013

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    Worst fragrance ever I dont even know what the hell I was thinking when I blind buy this one

    12 November, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    One of the darkest fragrances created, an old-fashioned melancholic aromatic green/citrus juice really lemony, herbal, virile and woody. I catch a sort of fecal dissonance at the beginning, in the middle of a thick obscurity. A first tart lemony/cedary introduction preludes to a sort of aromatic (sage, oregano, rosemary, mint, thyme, lavender and others)/dry-floral heart (i suppose geranium and carnation) before the scent morphs in to a woody impenetrable base with a starring rooty/herbal vetiver, patchouli and stark woods. Serious, astringent, uncompromising and dreadful. Ps. Probably the last one i tested is the Haute Concentration version.

    09 October, 2012 (Last Edited: 19 January, 2014)

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    Pure adoration. This is a classic scent from the early 70's that does a wonderful and truly brilliant job blending the traditional citrus, herbal and woody components of the dirty/aromatic "citrus" genre that make it such an amazing fragrance - and stand out from the rest. What it is missing from the current formulation - Oakmoss. The most current bottle I have is still very good (from 2007...prior to YSL being sold) is a whole lemon - the fresh-squeezed juice and the bitter rind with bergamot and petit grain (this is, after all, a masculine citrus-dominant scent) put into a blender with fresh chopped lavender, herbs (mainly lemon verbena and rosemary with a hint of marjoram - the scent pyramid is correct). This is classic in structure - therefore, a bit restrained. So, although it is slightly austere (not a bad thing for a citrus), the brilliant heart is where this comes into form as it transcends the fragrance into a truly aromatic woody fragrance.

    The rosewood smooths this composition and offers warmth, along with more light florals (including both a nice carnation and geranium) as well as the important clary sage note, which brings eloquent harmony between the citrus, sharper herbs and florals. The base is predominantly vetiver and musk - although there are nice notes of sandalwood and cedar that one gets after about an hour into the wear. A touch of patchouli offers a nice earthiness and there is still the light touch of green moss. This is a classic, French-styled aromatic woody citrus that delivers power and longevity...dare I say the most in the genre (that is not Haute Concentration). More complex than Monsieur de Givenchy (but not necessarily better) and closer in depth of composition to Armani Eau Pour Homme - YSL's Pour Homme offering is a refined, gentleman's scent with a nice entourage of complimentary notes. A classic among classics. For the gentleman...wearing this will always make you feel invigorated, masculine and more refined. Timeless.

    I will not by any bottle of juice made by YSL past 2008 (when Yves Saint Laurent passed away and the house was sold to L'Oreal). Reformulations to virtually all the fragrances occured soon thereafter - and I am truly appalled with what has been done to the house that was orchestrated by a genius in Yves Saint Laurent.

    This scent is possibly for those who find restrained and elegant, French-styled fragrance to their liking - except that I, personally, find something here that is (while not "hip") definitely for the retro-crowd as well. A fragrance-lover's pure delight. Subtleties, nuances, and aromatic touches that lend to a wonderfully fresh and long-lasting and mature scent...9+/10! Merci!

    01st October, 2012 (Last Edited: 13 November, 2012)

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