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Zanzibar (2001)
by Van Cleef & Arpels


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Year of Launch2001
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People and companies

HouseVan Cleef & Arpels
Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchPinault-Printemps-Redoute > Gucci Group > YSL Beaute

About Zanzibar

VC&A's latest men's scent is the fresh and spicy Zanzibar. Maybe it doesn't last as long as it should.

Reviews of Zanzibar

A very pleasant woody-spicy scent which seems like it is smelled through a soft focus lens. It is a bit cloying if smelled very close, largely thanks to the ambrette, which, with the sandal and ginger, is largely responsible for the powdery fuzz of Zanzibar. In all it seems like a woodier, more exotic version of Lauder's Intuition for Men. Certainly worth a try but most definitely not worth the prices it goes for on eBay.
13th January, 2016
Back in 2001 I had just finished my original bottle of VC&A PH and was unable to find any locally. My mum was off to Paris so I charged her with bringing a bottle back. "Nobody had any but they said this was the latest so I got it instead" was her tale on return and the "instead" was Zanzibar.

Of course I'd never seen or heard of it and was a little annoyed at first but, after a couples of tries, quickly changed my mind. The fresh spicy, ginger, pepper blend really sits well on my skin - longevity and spillage are good - and although many might consider this a spring/summer scent I actually prefer it in autumn and winter for celebration, parties and festivities thus carrying on the role PH had in my wardrobe. VC&A remains my "going out" house and I am about half way through my original 2001 bottle of Zanzibar - I'll sure miss it when it's gone.
30th December, 2013
Beautiful uplifting take on the "fresh" genre

Didn't smell any of the spices when i tried this yesterday. I got citrus and ginger from the beginning to end and it's just beautiful. It gets a tiny bit sweet in the drydown but keeps its balance. A very uplifting scent indeed. A different organic take on the "fresh" type of scents.
Lasted a good 6 hours on my skin with moderate projection.
Definitely buying this one !
09th August, 2013
I'm a bit confused about this fragrance profile. I own this perfume, and the bottle shown here is not Zanzibar, or at least not the one I have. According to the profile, it is still in production, when it really is discontinued. Someone posted that it was sweet, and it is not, and someone else says it's unisex, and it is clearly a masculine fragrance. It's a spicy frag, with a citrusy/peppery opening that soon becomes a quiet woody/spicy-close-to-the-skin perfume. It's quite a good scent, actually. Sadly, it is very short-lived.
04th July, 2012
exotic and intriguing, led the way to l'air du desert...
26th June, 2012 (last edited: 20th December, 2012)
I was lucky enough to have purchased this rare VC&A fragrance from another Basenoter (thanks Laph!)

I've read on another blog that this fragrance was described as like "African wind". I find this a most apt description!

Like Africa it conjures up thoughts of dark wood, heat and spices; yet like the wind it's sometimes strong and sometimes fleeting.

I do really like this one for a change to my usual summer rotation of aquatics and fresh fruity scents; but I do wish that the overall initial effect of wood, heat and spice lasted a bit longer. It's still lovely, but perhaps a touch too gentle.

P.S. The bottle's gorgeous to look at in person, but the shape and position of the nozzle makes it a bit difficult to use!
24th November, 2011

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