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Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse (1975)
by Creed


Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse information

Year of Launch1975
GenderShared / Unisex
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse

Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse is a shared / unisex perfume by Creed. The scent was launched in 1975

Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse fragrance notes

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Reviews of Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse

Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse is a citrus/floral fragrance. Upon application, I got a bitter/sour citrus opening which is contributed from the bergamot, mandarin, and grapefruit. Shortly after the opening notes start to calm down while floral notes ‘white flowers’ begin making its presence in the heart. A small amount of ambergris can be detected at the base which complements the existing florals and now subdued citrus notes. Longevity and silage is not the best for ZMP. ZMP had no more than 2 hours of longevity and poor silage throughout the entirety of the scent. The best time to wear ZMP would be during the warmer months as the heat would help the scent project more. Overall, I didn’t like this one at all and probably would never wear this stuff again. There are plenty of citrus fragrances from Creed that I would choose to wear over this.
04th May, 2015
So Fresh and So Clean!!!!This scent evokes memories of summer picnics and happiness. I agree the performance is average at best however, I would recommend carrying a decant. This fragrance is calming. It opens up with beautiful mandarin, bergamot, and lemon then dries to a mellow ambergris/mandarin combination. I really enjoy the dry down in this one. It is not loud, overly citrusy or sharp. This is definitely one of my favorites for warm weather. For those looking for a great spring and summer addition, look no further.
25th April, 2015
If you don't like heavy strong scents this would be a good choice. To me this is a summer fragrance and unisex nudging on feminine. This would be awesome for very hot days. It smells nice with the grapefruit upfront sweetened by the mandarin and the bergamot just barely there. The white flowers kick in a little later and mix well with the citrus. It stays this way for a while and then the white flowers and ambergris show up more strongly. If you want a light fresh scent without too much complexity this is it. Enjoyable, inoffensive, and doesn't overstay it's welcome. I like this one. I could picture being at a picnic or barbecuing while wearing this in hot weather.
23rd November, 2014
Genre: Citrus

Amiable, if unremarkable orange top notes quickly give way to a pallid grapefruit reconstruction. An admixture of cilantro renders the scent marginally interesting - at least until the soapy, sour floral drydown sets it. Unfortunately this occurs at the fifteen two twenty minute mark, from which point on Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse is merely dull and mildly unpleasant. In this context, the fragrance’s lack of potency and longevity could be considered advantageous.
09th July, 2014
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
short lived

a very overpriced citrus disaster. super unisex. top notes re consistent throughout the 30 minutes tops you smell this one. light bergamot and citruses are all that's detectable. i am not a creed hater but this stuff is terrible!!

Pros: ok smell
Cons: no longevity

28th May, 2013
A rich, floral citrus. Smells like the inner part of a grapefruit peel. Smells great but its got poor longevity. As a matter of fact I'd rather not wear this unless I'm making a brief appearance to a store or something, maybe to the supermarket. I've only worn this in my house, makes me happy so it's a winner in my book
09th May, 2013

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