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Zino Davidoff (1986)
by Davidoff


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Year of Launch1986
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige
Parent Company at launchBeecham Group > Beecham Cosmetics

About Zino Davidoff

Zino Davidoff is a masculine fragrance by Davidoff. The scent was launched in 1986

Zino Davidoff fragrance notes

Reviews of Zino Davidoff

I've tested the vintage version a few times with some proper wearings and this is what I think of Zino...

Nuclear strong with some monster sillage that lasts forever. Far more feminine then everyone portrays thanks to that huge floral heart that dominates and the moderately overpowering vanilla which takes the cake in the drydown which is why you see women reviewing this scent, because they're wearing it as well. An amazingly dirty patchouli that's being smothered to death in well, flowers and vanilla. Vanilla should be followed by patch because there's a ton of it in here. I can't stand vanilla so it sticks out in this composition like a giant sore thumb. Me personally, I find this scent nauseating, it's just strange smelling and really not anything that's 'that' masculine. I think everyone reads far too much into the reviews, I did until I started wearing this thing and was bombarded with vanilla and patch on top of vanilla, kinda grodyville.

Edit: I've 'finally' nailed the 'weirdness' factor about this perfume! It smells strange like musty rot, stale air and maybe even an olfactory illusion of a rotting corpse drenched in flowers and vanilla, yumm, just like a mausoleum. This odor that Zino emits is disturbing and turns my stomach. I can't believe that guys actually put this on their skin and think it smells great. My final conclusion, smells like dead people and is nauseatingly strong, I hate this... how appealing.

Here's the definition per Wiki: A mausoleuma is an external free-standing building constructed as a monument enclosing the interment space or burial chamber of a deceased person or people. A monument without the interment is a cenotaph. A mausoleum may be considered a type of tomb, or the tomb may be considered to be within the mausoleum.
12th October, 2017
Definitely an old-school, mature scent but there is some sweetness and woodiness to Zino that gives it a twist, making it feel more modern.

The patchouli running throughout is what gives Zino its mature vibe. However, the base is very nice and enjoyable with its sweet tonka/amber mixed with woody notes.

Very good projection for the first 3-4 hours and then it fades.
27th August, 2017
This review applies only to the original version (DAVIDOFF in script and not in all caps block letters). I wore this fragrance all the time back in the early 90's and it always got compliments from everyone around me. Not only was it unlike anything else people were wearing at the time, the longevity and projection was enormous on it.

When I ran out, I bought it again and it had been reformulated - nasty, terrible stuff that got instantly thrown away. Luckily, some original formula can still be found so I purchased some recently and it's still just as perfect as it was back then.
28th February, 2017
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United States
Exactly the same result as with Montblanc Individual, Zino Davidoff smells like rotten fruit, flowers. It's an instant scrubber for me. I can't understand how people could like it and all the positive reviews make no sense to me at all.
17th February, 2017
I regret giving away my bottle of this wonderful scent from Davidoff!

Zino is warm, woody, with a tasteful amount of sweetness that comes across as classy to me. It has a classic men's cologne character to it, but not cloyingly so.

16th December, 2016
Close to perfect! In my opinion this one is a notch better than joop or montblanc individuel . The element of patchouli makes it more sophisticated , mature and manly than the above . Amazing scent. Fruity, spicy and woody at the same time.Not too sweet, not too sharp. Very well balanced.
Women would love this on a middle aged man, no kidding. Winter or fall, office or club.Very versatile.
And I can't believe it is so cheap.
10th December, 2016

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