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Gold Man (1983)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch1983
AvailabilityIn Production
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As mystical as the land its from. Like dark Arabian nights this complex scent captures the moment with a sultry composition of Rock Rose and Civet to create a rich alluring aroma. Top notes of citrus add a sparkle to this otherwise mystical scent. [AN]

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I am reviewing the current version of Amouage Gold pour Homme with the newer bottle design:

Amouage Gold pour, I just received my bottle of Amouage Gold and I really like it. At first, I was put off by the up front rose/powdery finish however, after letting that dry down I was captivated. I have no reference to the women's version to compare nor do I have a hand on the breakdown of notes....all I know is-I like it! As a man, it is very different as well as something unique. Men, don't be alarmed at first spray thinking this is for women, allow the fragrance to settle and you will be glad you did! Someone mentioned in an earlier review that they had to use and come back a few times to really understand the fragrance...I second that! At first, it wasn't that I didn't like it, I was just trying to figure it out and it took a few wears before a verdict was determined. Verdict-very warm, soft, light and creamy; 6 sprays will last and will not be over powering to those around you. I sprayed four spritz on the neck (front, back both sides), one on the chest, and wrist (one wrist dabbed together) and I was great all day!! For some, this may seem a bit much, however, I think it is what I thought for this fragrance to work. Some may apply differently, this is up to you the wearer......Overall, a lovely fragrance for any occasion!


So, I asked my wife what she thought of this fragrance and this was her response...I get a unisex, yet powdery vibe from Amouage Gold Man. Gold man, gives off a rose even floral feel, but not sweet as one gathers from lavender type fragrances. Also, this fragrance gives off a light and fresh with a crisp soapy kind of aroma; Amouage Gold Man has a linen like drier sheet characteristic....
as I listened to her describe Amouage Gold Man, I couldn't help but to resonate with the linen type drier sheet quality that she nailed. Yes, it has that feel. In addition to what has been said, I would also associate this with Creed's Royal Mayfair, however less sharp in addition to Frederic Malle's Portrait of a Lady. These, IMO share a floral quality, however are unique in there own right
28th January, 2016 (last edited: 30th January, 2016)
I would never be without the Amouage mantra states, "a gift for kings". Thats what you feel like, wearing MOST of their scents.
26th November, 2015
This is the most luscious, creamy civet incense floral around and if you love it you can never get enough. I wear it all the time and for every occasion--who besides celebrities and millionaires has formal occasions to attend? It smells like a pristine cream-colored bar of extremely expensive soap, and then it becomes rougher and crumblier as the civet, oakmoss, and patchouli dry out.

It requires a lot of confidence to wear it, because everyone around you (unless by some miracle you know another person with interesting taste in perfume in real life) will say you smell like baby powder and wish you were wearing something:

-with copious Iso E Super
-aquatic, Acqua di Gio

Ignore them. Amouage Gold is more beautiful than anything anyone else is wearing, and you'll know it. Don't let them pull you down. I don't feel like wearing Iso E Super fragrances all the time, and when normal people deliver compliments, 9 times out of 10 that's what they're complimenting. No.
02nd October, 2015
This is a tough one.

The opening heralds an extremely powerful flowerbomb on the brink of femininity.

Once it settles down on your skin, Gold Man embodies a rich and fresh bouquet of flowers, acommpanied by a thin cloud of incense.

A few minutes later, animalic base notes come into play and give this fragrance a soapy/powdery vibe.

Gold Man does not give a damn about gender roles. It smells like it has not been constructed for ordninary humans to be worn. It's rather something a Saudi prince would wear for his wedding. Perfumery in its most aristocratic form.

BUT if you decide not to give a sh** about anything today and wear it nonetheless, you will be rewarded.

High quality stuff.

Never exceed one spray.
20th August, 2015
I can't smell anything other than baby powder.
11th August, 2015
Perhaps the greatest release from the house of Amouage Gold for men is a rich, dry luxurious chypre with a massive floral opening (lily-of-the-valley is what I mainly get), a magnificent, expansive and at the same time ethereal frankincense note and an immensely beautiful and mysterious drydown of musk, sandalwood, moss and patchouli. The overall tone is lemony, slightly sour and balsamic with a powdery feel and a dry vein. Civet is present but I don’t find it annoying at all and the repulsiveness or supposed femininity of the fragrance is much exaggerated. Certainly it doesn’t conform to the current “masculine” rules of how a man should smell, but I’d say that wearing this makes someone smell great so what is there more for a man to ask. I like Gold for a dozen reasons but mainly because it is a chypre and sophistication and elegance come naturally to this genre (although most men have difficulties in pulling the genre off), it exudes heavy class and higher ideals, it is highly original, distinctive and bold and it has a quixotic and romantic character. Most importantly though I am most impressed with the concept of making a fragrance for men that defies the stereotypical masculine smell and olfactory culture introducing something totally novel and provocative. Too bad most fragrances today fly low in all of the above. God bless amouage for releasing and keep making this perfume.
07th August, 2015

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