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Carlo Corinto Rouge
by Carlo Corinto


Carlo Corinto Rouge information

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About Carlo Corinto Rouge

Carlo Corinto Rouge is a masculine fragrance by Carlo Corinto.

Carlo Corinto Rouge fragrance notes

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Reviews of Carlo Corinto Rouge

Corinto "Rouge"??????
This perfume is the exact oposite of Rouge, I would have call it Corinto "Verte"
It is one of the greenest perfumes I know and I do not think it is unbalanced. Maybe a little "synthetic", but still very pleasant. Very good projection and logevity. I don't find any faults really, but again, is not a perfume I would kill for either.
One positive thing about it: Women love it, and that is good enough for me LOL
10th March, 2012
Way too arid and sharp. Unbalanced, doesn´t harmonize with the body, thumbs down.
12th October, 2010
pssst .... here a tip , ( forget the thums down for this gem ) ... I own a large bottle & its almost finished , this is an incredibly well blended & very aromatic scent ... the lavender is beautifully balanced with the moss & its heart is enveloped by the prominent green apple & pepper , the base is special too . Corinto's other one Silver is in the same league as this & both these flankers are top quality frags just like the original .. big thumbs up , nothing offensive here ..
12th December, 2009
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United States
I agree with Foetidus' point that the lavender is too strong and really "synthetic." Very poorly blended/balanced fragrance overall. Somewhat similar to Eternity for men. CCR is simply awful compared to any halfway decent fragrance, but if you want to cover up some horrendous body odor with a "soapy" smell, this might be for you. It's really inexpensive, after all.
14th November, 2008
A Cool Water knock-off? It's aromatic... but it's got a slightly woody tinge to it and very synthetic. Strong and cloying...
29th August, 2008
Sharp, cologny, and synthetic. I don’t believe that that sharp, aromatic accord in the opening, which runs all the way through, is really “aromatic wood” as the blurbs on this fragrance suggest. I think it’s a cheap and unrefined lavender / herbal accord that they hope to foist upon us by claiming aromatics. These fumes are not aromatics and I don’t smell a very solid wood note in the mixture. The lavender that is used is a major part of the problem: It is not a high quality lavender and it makes Carlo Corinto Rouge synthetic smelling and even a touch unpleasant. Its cologny ambiance categorizes it as a drug store fragrance, which, I understand, it actually is – but a not very good one.
09th March, 2008

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