1776 Russian Leather
    by Elsha

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    Not Russian Leather, really

    This is not Russian Leather, no way, no siree Bob.

    It is a barbershop scent, oozing masculinity and testosterone galore, but there are better barbershop scents than this.

    I get mainly spices (cloves and cinnamon) and woods (but not birch), and if there is any leather, is way, way in the back, and I really had to try harder, and even then, I am not sure that is leather what I get.

    I am planning to layer this scent with Pinaud Special Reserve, which is leather, only leather and nothing else but leather. So maybe out of two regular scents I get a great one.

    Barely 3 stars because after all, is not a bad scent for the price.

    Pros: Price, masculine
    Cons: Weak

    27 May, 2013

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    I went ahead and sprung for the 1776 from the Elsha.com site. Tried it today and was frankly disappointed. It's much more of a dilute, drugstore quality clove heavy spicy scent with a passable but very conventional woody/amber/musk dry down than a "Russian leather." Is there leather? Not much that I could pick up. Is there birch tar? Not nearly as much as I expected or hoped for, and it's certainly in the back seat with the clove oil/cinnamon driving. The reason I give a neutral rather than a thumbs down is that it's a perfectly passable fragrance, especially at the price point. It reminds me a bit of Jovan Sex Appeal. Just not what I was expecting or hoping for.

    05 May, 2013

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    Ambery / Leather prominent.

    As aptly noted in another review… in a word, SUAVE. I give it 5 stars and will always have this one.

    Rather than the Knize 10 associations which I find to be an enjoyable petrol blast, I find this one looking in the direction of Le Labo’s Patchouli 24 in terms of a smokey meat quality. In 1776 that note is subtle, smooth, but faint compared to the Le Labo.

    I'm 50, for reference. Wear it when you like. It is not overbearing but by no means a slouch. I find the scent plume coming up during the next morning’s shower with this one rather telling of its longevity and worth noting. Very economical – Recent upcoming Father’s Day special from the elsha.com site has it available for around $4/oz, sans delivery. Fin 6/2/12

    02 June, 2012

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    Black Mask
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    This is one of my standby fragrances. It is a very comfortable and friendly leather of unexpected distinction that opens with a cinnamon and birch tar top that stays along for the dry down. The fragrance has pleasant, warm and ambery emanations once it opens up and develops. The birch remains but mixes with leathery musk. Always light for a leather, and smooth, it is persistent while it stays close to the skin. Part of its enduring charm is that an 8 oz splash bottle can be acquired for about $42 delivered from Sampters Mens Store: http://www.sampters.com/detail.php?item=91&categoryid=1

    This is cheaper than buying directly from th Elsha site.

    Sampters also carries the 4 oz bottle for half the price. And an after shave which I never bothered to try. Why buy any other variation that 8 oz in a substantial splash bottle that is pleasant to use at $42 delivered? One of the best buys in perfumery. This is not a cheap scent like so many small clothing store fragrances. Sampters also carries Lenel, and a number of other inexpensive fragrances of limited local men's store distribution.

    Elsha 1776 is a flask of a different matter. It has been around for decades. It is very good, and an even better buy. Get some.

    01st April, 2011

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    Whenever we talk about leather scents, the fleeting and oft-distracting top notes are inconsequential unless they extend deeper into the fragrance. In the case of 1776 they don't, or at least not significantly, so let's dispense with the introductions and get to the heart of the matter: how's the leather?

    Essentially this is a smoky birch tar smoothened over by some musky blend of woods and resins in the base. It feels assuredly masculine without resorting to macho over-posturing and I can see why it draws such a cult following. To sum it all in one word: SUAVE.

    27 August, 2010

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    Bright and right leather lovers' frag. Not as teutonic or sophisticated as Knize, nor as heavy as Royal English Leather, and available in terms of money (REL), or in the US (Knize) - lacking a current distributor. But this a great leather fragrance, and barring the other two, my "third" leather scent, but clearly a distinct leather unto it's own. Great fragrance done right!

    20th June, 2009

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