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Vaniglia / Vanilla (1828)
by Santa Maria Novella


Vaniglia / Vanilla information

Year of Launch1828
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseSanta Maria Novella

About Vaniglia / Vanilla

Vaniglia / Vanilla is a shared / unisex perfume by Santa Maria Novella. The scent was launched in 1828

Reviews of Vaniglia / Vanilla

This has vanilla with a hint of smoky spice. I agree with the other comments below, that it's just not a "sweet" vanilla. The longevity was excellent.
21st March, 2012
There are two fragrances listed for Santa Maria Novella's "Vaniglia". This one is listed in English translation and is correctly marked as unisex or undefined. The LAFCO website claims that this fragrance is suitable for men or women. The other listing on basenotes, under "Vaniglia", which simply means Vanilla in Italian, is incorrectly marked as a feminine fragrance.

This is a delightful fragrance. It is sweet, but not excessively so. It has some light spice and a wonderful sharpness to it. Sillage is decent, especially considering the eau de cologne concentration. Natural vanilla is expensive. For me, it is also a comforting smell. This composition is extremely well done. It is very rich and even a little boozy. A very captivating smell, and despite the gourmand aspect, extremely clean. Great for the office or an evening out.

I also recommend the Vanilla shower gel/shampoo from the same company.
10th January, 2012 (last edited: 22nd February, 2012)
A completely un-objectionable vanilla. Very very .... ok. Astonishingly.... unremarkable, except that in a sea of horrendous vanillas for every pocketbook (from L'Artisan's ugly and harsh Vanilia to the creepy synthetic of discount-store's Coty Vanilla Fields), at least there's nothing really wrong here (except the price).

It's vanilla. It lasts a while. It will not offend anyone. For the money, Kheil's could cover you better, should you be looking for a straightforward single-note vanilla scent.

or McCormicks.
10th September, 2008
This is a vanilla vasedscent that has a fair number of supporting notes. It reminds me a little but of Le Labo Vanille 44, which is a complex vanilla scent that's really lovely, but certainly not straight up vanilla. This fragrance adds (to the vanilla) citrus in the top, floral notes in the heart, and a fair amount of musk and spice in the dry down. A sophisticated and grown-up vanilla, not too sweet or foody. I give it a neutral only because I am much more interested in the vanilla-y vanillas out there.
25th August, 2008
This fragrance is feminine. It's straight-up vanilla, the way vanilla REALLY smells. It's got a hint of spice in it as well, so it's not EXACTLY like cooking vanilla. The fragrance is very high-quality, just like the other SMN fragrances. If SMN stooped as low as rolling out a "sweet" vanilla in its scent, the fragrance would be too cloying, sweet, and cheap. This fragrance is quite a pleasure to be around, and could be worn to a formal dinner or a workplace. I've yet to hear anyone that did not like this fragrance, but I would say this is for females vs males. It's great, lasts a long time, and is not overly sweet.. but it doesn't smell like cooking vanilla, either. It's simply elegant. But why would this be a surprise, considering Santa Maria Novella is a classy company. The nice thing about this scent, much less SMN, is you know very few people will have it. It's simply unique!! and great. [bought as a gift for a female]

10th November, 2007
All those who are looking for a natural, herbal vanilla smell, look no further. Like real vanilla, it's sweet but not cloyingly so. It's herbal and natural, unlike most vanillas used in fragrances, which to me smell like cheap vanilla ice cream. This smells like vanilla extract. But, that's about all it smells like. Lots of projection and good longevity, but I like a little more complexity in my scents.
16th September, 2006

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