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Tabacco Toscano (2008)
by Santa Maria Novella


Tabacco Toscano information

Year of Launch2008
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseSanta Maria Novella

About Tabacco Toscano

Tabacco Toscano is a shared / unisex perfume by Santa Maria Novella. The scent was launched in 2008

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Reviews of Tabacco Toscano

Tabacco Toscano is an enjoyable, lightly sweet, dry tobacco fragrance that's unique in its versatility and light approach to an often heavy, thick note. It's a high quality "sparkling" tobacco, if you will.

The accords themselves have been described in good deal already (see ClaireV's review in particular). I've been happily wearing this during all seasons for years, and my wife wears it effortlessly as well. I do get a slight hint of Bulgari Black's rubberiness, but it isn't overwhelming. It acts more to add a modern twist to the overall profile.

Really wonderful stuff - undeniably attractive to the wearer and those around them.
20th November, 2017
Ahree Show all reviews
United States
This one almost seems easier to describe as what it isn't, rather than what it is. Santa Maria Novella Tabacco Tuscano is not Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille, a powerhouse that sports a strong, boozy, cherry cough medicine opening. It shares many similarities to Aramis Tuscany, but with more tobacco, less green notes, and longer staying power. To me, SMN Tabacco Tuscano also smells very similar to Aramis Havana's delicious drydown without putting you and your neighbors through Havana's chaotic opening. Rest assured, this is not cigarette or cigar fumes -- instead, it's more like what I would imagine sweet pipe tobacco to be like, but not cloying or heavy. It does seem to have a foodie vibe, like waffles and maple syrup, so make of that as you will. Overall, a highly wearable, noticeable skin scent with low sillage, appropriate for most occasions, times of day, and seasons.
10th October, 2017
A very nice take on the tobacco note. Opens with a bright sweet unsmoked tobacco and something I first thought was cedar, but perhaps is birch. This is not sharp, but a soft fluffy scent. It never gets too sweet and as another reviewer noted, there is a 'new rubber' note hidden deep inside and never quite jumping out. Very nicely done.
27th July, 2017
Tabacco Toscano comes off as a soft interpretation of tobacco rather than a full scale exploration as one had hoped it would be. Tobacco is laced with an accord of amber-vanilla. To me - this is a not so interesting tobacco twist on a straightforward amber fragrance. Leather would have perhaps given it a nice spin, but I hardly get any. The amber accord does add a nice rich brightness to the tobacco, but still it is not interesting or compelling. Good quality materials are employed, but it could have been more distinctive - like Acqua di Cuba as an example.

18th May, 2017
Tobacco Toscano is a sexy, sheer tobacco-honey fragrance with a rubber twang that recalls Bvlgari Black stripped of its green edges. It also strongly recalls the sweet, bready musk and vanillic paper/cardboard notes of Dzing! but features none of that scent’s elephant dung.

But most of all, Tobacco Tuscano has a distinctly Tobacco Vanille vibe. The advantage of Tobacco Toscano, though, is that it has none of the dried-fruit heft of Tobacco Vanille, and as such can be worn with gay abandon during the hot summer months. For devotees of sweet tobacco orientals, surely this is reason enough to rush out the door, your credit card at the ready.

The main building block for the fragrance is loose leaf tobacco leaves that have been soaked in pure vanilla extract and then dusted in honey powder. There is a faint aromatic, leafy undertone in the opening notes that conjures up a rustic stroll through the countryside, but the dry down is more urban and stream-lined; a honeyed, tobacco and vanilla combination that smells so good you might want to lick yourself.

It’s really nothing new under the sun, but it’s a really nice, summer-ready version of old favorites, so I’m all over this one like butter on hot bread.
21st May, 2016
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
La cloche a sonné; nous, des ouvrières, nous venons ici guetter le retour;
Et nous vous suivrons, brunes cigarières, en vous murmurant des propos d'amour!

Tabacco Toscano is the memory of an unsmoked cigar—earthy and green played against a rich, sweet background of amber and malt. No smoke here; this is all about the vegetal tobacco leaf with a hint—thanks to the bergamot and jasmine top notes—of the tobacco flower. Nor is there the smell of the wooden cigar box or leather tobacco pouch. This is all about the tobacco, and a fine representation it is. Distinguished and manly… and yet, this could be the smell that clung to Carmen’s thigh as she leaves the manufacture des tabacs that fateful evening, sealing her fate—and that of Don Jose—forever. A French opera set in Spain, you say? Where does Tuscany come into this? Wear it and remember the Duomo of Florence, the Palio in Sienna and la dolce vita, Toscana style.
05th August, 2015

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