Santa Maria Novella
    by Santa Maria Novella

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    Another excellent eau de cologne for any cologne enthusiast to add to his or her library. Opens with a tart and bright yet restrained bergamot that is both fresh and earthy--the smell of real peel. Then a floral heart of subtle white flowers and spices finishes off this eau. There is perhaps some musk or other fixative such as the indolic qualities of the flowers. I feel the flowers might be jasmine, carnation, white rose, orange blossom, and the spice is clove or clove blossom. Though I doubt the stories of its 16th Century origin with Catherin de Medici, Queen of France. Overall, very nice and natural smelling, but very expensive.

    20th January, 2010 (Last Edited: 03 November, 2010)

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    Canada Canada

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    Fragrance notes: bergamot, citrus, white flowers, spices (and probably musk)
    A classic, classy EDC. Very citrus-y, fresh and refreshing. The citrus notes are softened by the flowers and mild spices. No surprises here, this is one of the originals, a charming old-school scent. Very much in the same camp as R&G Extra Vielle. A lovely, beautiful dry-down, with a “comforting” quality from the spices and light musk.

    21st October, 2008

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    Clean, fresh and serene, the classic Santa Maria Novella EdC manages to be light without being a confection, and citrus fresh without becoming furniture polish. The initial notes are clean and bright, and the dry down avoids the strong unfolding of flowers--especially good if you are a man and want an understated daytime scent. Alas, the understatement might be this charmer's only drawback; it does not carry all before it. But if it did, then it would not be what it is. I wear this for me.

    20th September, 2008

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    United States United States

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    The literature claims it was created for Catherine de Medici, queen of France. Eau di Santa Maria Novella is a beautiful citrus fragrance that does have that timeless dimension about it, which these historical fragrances very often have. It presents a pristine bergamot note that dominates the whole progression. The bergamot is supported by the balanced and judicious use of citrus, and shadowed by a discreet use of white flowers. As in most of the historical scents I’ve tried, it doesn’t have very much longevity, and I can hardly view that as a criticism because it goes with the character of historical blends. Eau de Santa Maria Novella is fresh, clean, clear, easy to wear, and sophisticated — it’s timeless.

    07 November, 2007

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    France France

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    L'Eau de Cologne Santa Maria Novella, originally 'Eau de la Reine' made for Catherine de Medicis, reine de France, is the very original Eau de Cologne. And the only one for me with its subtil white flower notes, and dominant mix of bergamote, citrus and neroli.

    26 October, 2007

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    This is an uplifting, radiant veil
    of bergamot on my skin. I wear it first thing in the morning to wake myself up!

    Doesn't last that long, but topping it up is fun!

    I find it a mixture of bracing and calming, if that makes sense.

    22 January, 2007

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