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Diesel Green Masculine (2001)
by Diesel


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Year of Launch2001
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Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections
Parent Company at launchPerform Group > Marbert

About Diesel Green Masculine

This fragrance from Diesel comes in male and female versions, both of which come in a weed-killer style bottle design.

Diesel Green Masculine fragrance notes

Reviews of Diesel Green Masculine

Diesel Green is like a thick, leafy punch in the face if you don't pump the handle quickly and gently to get a good atomization. Otherwise it streams out its iconic weedkiller style pump in drops and the overwhelming concentration makes you feel like you've just had a savoury Mountain Dew syrup poured on you.

However, when the bottle is mastered, the scent is leafy and fresh but has a deep blunt warm sauna-like atmosphere that beckons the wilds of a temperate rainforest that separates it from your mom and pop variety grass fragrances.

Definitely full of mystery and definitely distinct. Don't use it if you're afraid to stand out.
28th April, 2012
Green sugar bomb! Definitely for the younger crowd. Smells good, but this is a skin scent with weak lasting power and sillage.
Note: 2.85 / 5
15th February, 2012 (last edited: 09th May, 2014)
Green and Clean!
I think Diesel Green is a nice, casual fragrance that should wear well all throughout the year.
Greens and Vanilla come through with a nice combo that is refreshing.
Bottle is fun but annoying.
It should be called a "stream" instead of a spray for the way the sprayer extrudes the fragrance. Watch Out!
I smell nothing of bug spray as others have suggested. Maybe that's subliminal because of the bottle shape.
It really is a nice cologne.
21st January, 2011
Even if this fragrance was terrible, I'd have it in my collection for the bottle alone-- the bottle is clever, fun and looks cool too.

The scent isn't my favorite, but it's pretty good- It smells like green Gummy Bears living in a pine forest. Very sporty and outdoorsy, a tad synthetic and a bit simple. I wear it every once in a while when I want something fresh and green.
01st December, 2010
A perfume for the sake of being a perfume. Sweet for the sake of being sweet. Nothing more, nothing less.

A friend gave me a bottle of this stuff, he didn't want it any more, I understand why.

I love sweet fragrances, provided they are done well. This simply doesn't cut it.

This fragrance does not know where it is at all. It is confused and boring. Imagine a battle of the sweetness. You have ginger, mandarin orange, jasmine and lime battling for the top spot. They do not accompany each other. Rather they simply pile on top of each other in a hap-hazard manner, giving what is a monotonous fragrance.

The lime simply dominates, to me it smells more like the rind of a lime, it lacks the citrus, the freshness and the sharpness, it seems to be very artificial, very uncharacteristic of the natural fruit. While the lime dominates, the ginger fails to project its spiciness and the jasmine is virtually overpowered by both.
22nd May, 2010
I liked this fragrance, but it always reminded me of Avon Skin So Soft. Even though I'm attracted to sweeter smelling colognes, this was sometimes a bit much. Overall I have fond memories of this.
24th October, 2009

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