Noir Epices (2000)
by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle


Noir Epices information

Year of Launch2000
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseEditions de Parfums Frederic Malle
PerfumerMichel Roudnitska
PackagingFrederic Malle
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Noir Epices

The name translated to English means 'Black Spices'. The fragrance is a woody-oriental composition with notes of geranium, clove and patchouli.

Noir Epices fragrance notes

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Reviews of Noir Epices

A pleasant and inoffensive mix of rose and orange with a very restrained mix of clove and cinnamon to anchor it.

I get none of the extreme reactions (both good and bad) from other Basenote reviews here, no plastic, no aldehydic blasts. It most resembles for me the beautiful Piguet classic Baghari, but without the oil concentration of that beautiful oriental.

It is nice, neither great nor awful, in my opinion. If I were looking for a citrus spicy oriental, I would stick with the best, Baghari, which can be had for far less cash than the Malle equivalent.

05th March, 2016
This is too harsh for me, but I find myself wondering if I might like it 20 years from now when I have different tastes, and need something to be out of bounds to be interesting.
16th January, 2016
Christmas Spice!

This is one which I find so interesting! It reminds me a lot of the other Malle perfume Geranium pour Monsieur, in that it has cloves, cinnamon and geranium. Here the addition is also orange peel and black pepper. It is such a spicy floral mix. I can detect all spices and no sweetness. I think Roudnitska could've added some vanilla in the base, but he didn't want to... and that is what makes this one so different. It's loud, it's bold, and it's somewhat unique.

So it doesn't follow the myriad of oriental compositions by having a citrus top, spicy middle, and woody base. Here, the vanilla and any hint of sweetness is absent, so instead we get deep and pungent aromatic spices, with the dried orange zest and the minty, prominent geranium. I do like it a lot. It actually reminds me a lot of some kind of very aromatic pot-pourri, but it's also more than that, it's also an expertly crafted perfume.

I see this as a one-of-a-kind perfume that may not be on everyone's buy list, but it should be tested and experienced first. Quite unique!
26th December, 2015
Noir Epices effortlessly fills the last spot on my personal chart of Malle’s fragrances - I mean the worst spot. The bottom of the barrel. I don’t get the “black” and ultimately I don’t even get the “spices” that much as well, or not as I would assume at least. I don’t want my spices laid on a corpse, and instead that’s basically how Noir Epices smells. “Carnal”, overdosed nuances of metallic rose-geranium and a nondescript sultry musky note blended with a ridicolously loud concoction of spices and waxy floral-citrus notes, finally infused with a really bizarre and discomforting sort of sugary-watery vein, almost musty and milky. Sounds messy, eh? That’s how it smells, too. It’s loud, vile, ultimately a bit cheap as well, as besides being cacophonously blended, the materials don’t really seem that top-notch either. As hours pass it gets a bit better as it tames down a little at least, becoming slightly sweeter and smoother, but still remaining basically the same awkward and screechy mishmash of musk, soap, wax, spices, expired citronellol candles and blood-stained rusty metal bars. I’m genuinely sorry to sound so tight-butted and unable of getting the magic here, but I find this blatantly atrocious on every level.

07th December, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The orange in the opening is intensive but not very bright, and it clearly dominates the spice note - this is no Orange Spice. The star of the later phases of the opening and remaining in the foreground throughout the whole drydown is a very nice geranium, which develops nicely on my skin. Initially a nutty undertone is also present, then for a couple of hours a light and not very intensive cinnamon phase, and later in the base a nice cedar is taking shape. Overall on me the floral side is dominating, but the other parties make an appearance too. I was expecting the usual vanilla-sweet incense to finish it off, but it never came, and this make this scent a lighter, elegant affair and gives it an unexpected twist. It is well blended, adequately structured, silage and projection are adequate and I get seven hours of longevity, albeit the last three very close to my skin. Good for the office on winter days, and with enough creative touches to push it over the line to a positive score.
26th August, 2014
Genre: Woody Oriental

Chalk one up for truth in advertising. Noir Epices is just that: dark and brooding, like Byron's Manfed in a particularly grim mood. The nutmeg, black pepper, and clove blend with a clean rose note to produce a melancholic heart accord that is as beautiful as it is sober.

The pepper and clove hang around to join the patchouli and woods in a rich, yet utterly sugarless drydown. I get a whiff of barbershop a few hours into the development, but it's not enough to cheapen the scent at all. Instead, it adds a tinge of nostalgia to this already moody composition.

This is a gripping fragrance, and also very formal to my nose. Malle markets it as unisex, but I think it would take a very special woman to pull this one off. Moderate sillage and projection, and reasonable staying power.
21st June, 2014

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