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    Musc Ravageur Fragrance Notes

    Musc Ravageur information

    Musc Ravageur is a unisex fragrance by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle. The scent was launched in 2000 and the bottle was designed by Frederic Malle

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    The first impression gets the expectations up. Rich natural smell of clove, bergamot, and musk backed by some round wood merges into a raw and animalic body. But from there it's kind of going nowhere exciting to me. The drydown is a disappointment, i think it dulls down to a pretty average round and slightly sour musk/vanilla.

    Objectively i can appreciate the craft behind it, all components feels vibrant and rich. But subjectively i'm left very untouched by the sum of said components.

    13th April, 2015

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    India India

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    Musc Ravageur is a wonderful composition centred around musk and clove. The initial impression is of a busy opening with hints of lavender. The transition to heart phase starts very soon where the cloves become more prominent. They finally subside to reveal a base of musk, woods with hints of vanilla. The overall fragrance is warm, cosy, enveloping and sensual. The musk is somewhere between clean and dirty. Musc Ravageur is a pleasure to wear and lasts a good time.

    It is a beautiful interpretation of musk, and very distinguished too.

    04th April, 2015

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    New Zealand New Zealand

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    I would think of this as very personal kind of perfume. It sizzles on for a day but projection level is in the personal radius. You know it is there and you are surrounded by its cloud but it is very small cloud. People might not compliment/comment on it since they might not smell it on you. I experimented quite a bit with this one to know the level of sillage as I read too many reviews that said that this was a loud one. Musc ravaguer is true and wonderful oriental but its scent doesn't travel far. If you want to be noticed of your scent, you might be disappointed. Superb scent if you love and appreciate oriental like Shalima, but don't count on its sillage.

    02nd April, 2015

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    United States United States

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    Musc Ravageur is a hate-it-or-love-it scent. For me, it's a love-it.

    Skanky is very much a personal opinion.

    The opening of lavender with cinnamon is wonderful and it heads towards its musky, vanilla/amber drydown. It shares kinship with Le Labo Labdanum 18 and also L de Lolita Lempicka (also created by Maurice Roucel) with its prominent use of cinnamon, musk, amber and vanilla.

    The eau de parfum of MR is very strong, and there is also the body butter.

    Get past the musky, dirty opening and enjoy the drydown.

    21st February, 2015

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    What's all the hype about? After an hour, all I get is vanilla with a bit of chocolate. That's it. Very disappointed.

    17th August, 2014

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I certainly like this one... very much. I've heard of it as a love/hate type of fragrance but I think that this one is pretty tame and sensual to me. Apparently this was inspired by Shalimar, and I completely see that.

    What Musc Ravageur reminds me of, is the old style of perfume classics like Shalimar and Jicky, wonderful rich orientals with civet, labdanum, amber etc. I get cloves, cinnamon and lavender in the opening, with a hint of caramelised mandarin. Fantastic stuff... but the dry down is where this starts to feel really really good. Soft and sensual musk and amber all the way, with sandalwood, tonka bean and guaiac wood. This is absolutely a soft yet spicy oriental, which I love.

    It is however all about the musk, and if you've ever smelt pure musk oil, the high quality stuff, you'll find it here. However I would say the fragrance is mostly dominated by the spices over the musk, but it is there nonetheless.

    Overall, is it worth it? I think you could get some of the same feeling from vintage Shalimar extrait, or with high quality musk oil. Probably by mixing the two. But really, I have to admit... Maurice Roucel is a genius, because this is one I have really fallen in love with. Yes, I think you should test it out if you can. If you love it then it will be worth the price, because we don't find vintage Jicky or Shalimar everyday now, do we? Still, very well done by Roucel. Sensual stuff!

    14th August, 2014

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