Angéliques Sous La Pluie (2000)
    by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

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    Angéliques Sous La Pluie Fragrance notes

    Angelica root, Juniper berry, Pink pepper, Coriander, Musk, Cedarwood

    Angéliques Sous La Pluie information

    A fresh composition based on angelicas after the rain has fallen.

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    Poland Poland

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    Projection: discreet
    Longevity: may require re-applying once during the day
    My opinion:
    It has my respect for being very light and fresh, while avoiding being ordinary. Not an easy feat to achieve.
    It opens with an incredibly herbaceous, green and aromatic accord. It’s as if you just plucked a wild flower from rich black soil after a heavy downpour and crashed its stem with your grip that was too strong. Extremely fresh and juicy, slightly earthy and peppery.
    You walk back home in a moist breeze across the meadow, trampling some more of the flowers on your way. You sit down on your cedar wood porch enjoying the care-free day. It’s an early afternoon now and it’s been warm. The dampness after the rain is gone, but you can still smell the wild flower’s essence staining your bare feet – did I mention you didn't have your shoes on when you first took the stroll?
    Sophisticated, but very natural. Not really daring or especially intriguing, but still interesting and original. A good, safe, not-so-guilty pleasure. Wish it were a bit stronger and longer lasting.

    09 June, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Genre: Citrus

    I’m no fan of this scent’s top notes: an unduly abrasive woody amber distracts from the pleasantly bitter, crisp, stemmy angelica accord. Things improve a great deal with time however, as a warm yet clean musk, a very gently vetiver, and the unmistakable herbaceous accent of artemisia (wormwood) emerge to round out and balance the woody amber.

    Once this transparent, dry, but oddly refreshing arrangement is established, Angeliques sous la Pluie presents one of the more cogent arguments in favor of Jean-Claude Elléna’s by now familiar minimalist style. So long as it lasts, Angeliques sous la Pluie offers all of this style’s watercolor luminosity, but with far more vitality than Elléna’s emaciated efforts for Hermès have managed.

    I say “so long as it lasts” because once the opening woody amber salvo settles down this is an understated fragrance, and I can barely detect it at all after an hour’s wear, no matter how much I apply. Olfactory habituation or transience I cannot tell you, but it’s a fleeting experience for me either way. Still, if you’re looking for a distinctive, but subtle clean-yet-warm skin scent, Angeliques sous la Pluie is worth investigating.

    08 June, 2014

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    Canada Canada

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    Do not buy

    What the hell! That's my reaction, seriously...

    I've sampled this in the past, never really gave a proper sitting, so I did today. 4 spritz from Malle's carded sample @ 2145; its now 2232 and the smell is hardly there - its like wearing Gucci PH 2 and scrubbing your hand a few times and smelling - it's like an angel in a dream, gone in an instant - how on earth can anyone buy this for $200+? Perplexing and another Elena creation with abysmal longevity. An extremely faint cedar on putting my nose into my arm is all I get now.

    I love many Guerlain's, they are pretty bad on longevity, but ASLP from Elena for Malle was an all time low in this regard.

    I gave a 1/2 star bcoz I couldn't save the review w/o putting something there.

    Pros: none - in my opinion
    Cons: everything"

    14 August, 2013

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    a definate masculine the same ralms of gucci pour homme imo. this was produced in 2000 and gph 03, so their you go. gucci made it designer but if you like originals this is it!!

    06 April, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Gucci pour homme? ami theonly one thta smell the similiarities? very masculine opening and drydown. i'm sure their's cumin in here even though not listed. very muchso a pepper and cedar drydown ala GPH. also as mentioned, it's just too damn expensive..

    18 January, 2013

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    United States United States

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    No, French Lover is not the Concentree version of this scent. I suspect this is the absolute limit Mr. Elena would allow this scent to be concentrated. No doubt Mr. Malle pushed for more concentration and he would not do it. So, Mr. Malle got someone else to do it with French Lover, but it is not this scent. This is a magnificent creation and while it does not have sillage, it does have longevity but close to the skin. I don't care if others can smell it; I can, and it is what I want my skin to smell like - clean but still animal - like the tee shirt of a good friend. Wear this when you don't want to "wear" anything - it is more a skin enhancer than scent.

    I want what JCE designed and I want to understand his intentions. If the scent is low keyed but just right who cares? This is just right - enjoy it for yourself and put it places you would not dream of putting it. If someone gets close to you (real close) you will be handsomely rewarded. This is French Lover without all the chest hair.

    29 November, 2012

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