Nicole Miller for Men (1994)
    by Nicole Miller

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    Since I find Nicole Miller for Men quite similar to Timberline by Dana, the review is quite similar as well.

    There's just something about Nicole Miller for Men that bothers me and I can't quite figure out what it is...the immediately olfactory-assaulting fruity/boozy/floral opening becomes vastly overshadowed by an immutable vibe of insect repellant that desperately tries to be tamed by an amber South American honey and/or classic vanilla along with a touch of sandalwood, musk and moss mid-notes and unfortunately ends as one off-putting, sweet-ish woody kind of hot mess.

    Nicole Miller for Men lasts a fairly long on me with moderate projection, especially during summer months. As mentioned in the review opening, Nicole Miller for Men reminds me a lot of Timberline by Dana and I'm not a huge fan of that either.

    10th March, 2014 (Last Edited: 15 March, 2014)

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    Top Notes
    Apple, Honeydew, Bourbon.

    Middle Notes
    Leather, Oakmoss, Vanilla.

    Base Notes
    Amber, Musk, Sandalwood.
    The well known boozy apple top notes are gorgeous on my skin, and well balanced. Later honey and vanilla - both not spectacular but nice and not cloying on me - add depth and veer into a restrained gourmand-type direction. Later in the drydown a pleasant sandalwood and amber develop, all of solid quality and convincingly composed. Decent silage and projection, is scent nonetheless is not loud or overly intrusive if not applied excessively. Longevity is a very good sic hours. A very nice fragrance in autumn.

    06 November, 2013

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    The story of the waxing and waning fortunes of Nicole Miller for Men is one of the most interesting and instructive you will encounter. Please read the reviews on Basenotes back to the beginning, and then read the forum threads... and then forevermore BEWARE of how much we are influenced by reputation, scarcity and cost, and how little any of those things actually have to do with the fragrance itself!

    When Nicole Miller for Men was introduced it was expensive and very sought after. When it was discontinued it was very lamented... and quickly became very scarce and VERY expensive. And then a funny thing happened.

    When it was reintroduced, Nicole Miller for Men was no longer really expensive. And then when the recession hit it became really, really cheap. I think I saw Nicole Miller for Men for sale in many places for $7 per bottle, and you can still find it for about $10 per bottle.

    Now some will tell you the reformulated Nicole Miller for Men is different from the original and blah, blah, blah. Maybe... but I donít know.

    What I do know is that Nicole Miller for Men in its modern version is a very solid fragrance. And, as you can read in several forum threads on Basenotes (back to at least 2006) there is virtually no difference between Nicole Miller for Men and Paloma Picasso Minotaure!

    In fact, the extreme similarity between these two fragrances was commented upon several times in the forums, and I have also done my own side by side tests... and I can assure you that these two fragrances are virtually identical in every way.

    However, if you track the reviews of Nicole Miller for Men from 2002 to the present you will see that the ratings and angst have generally gone down as the price and perceived scarcity of the product plummeted, while the reputation of Minotaure has remained pretty much the same. Hmmph!

    By the way, I really like the fragrance and am now on my second bottle although I must admit that while the Minotaure bottle is outstanding, the bottle of Nicole Miller for Men (also textured and frosted) in not nearly as attractive. Ah, well... If you want a good masculine fragrance with a strong tobacco vibe, then go buy Nicole Minotaur for men :)

    02 November, 2013

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    Lovely smooth mellow amber/soapy scent. Reminds me a little of Avon True Force but this is better. Lasting power is moderate. It's a well blended scent. The bottle is gorgeous. Definitely a big THUMBS UP for me!

    15 November, 2012 (Last Edited: 30th March, 2013)

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    I do not understand all the bitching about this fragrance. I have the "wrong" version, made in the USA by Parlux and I find it very good. Maybe because I have not experienced the original canadian version so I do not have a point of reference, but regardless, this is still a good scent.
    It opens a little bit like calvados (the boozy apple note) but moves swiftly into this sweet leather heart that gave me the impression of honey spilled in a leather sofa, and closes in a very sweet mossy amber drydown with a woody background.
    Not a fragrance you would go crazy about, but i is much better than many in the same price range.

    07 September, 2012

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    Reminds me Nautica Oceans, but much more loud and vulgar... I really don't believe that NMM is a masculine scent, it is too much sweet to be a masculine fragrance.

    22 December, 2011

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