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Shaving Shop is a masculine fragrance by Taylor of Old Bond Street.

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Having only ever bought commercially mainstream products aimed at a younger audience this was a completely new experience for myself. What I find with many products I have used before is how overpowering they tend to be. They have a real 'chemical pop' to them which can leave me feeling nauseated. This however was pleasantly different. It has a really soapy, calming aura. It reminds me of a more woody, spicy version of SignoRicci by Nina Ricci.

I am very happy with this purchase.
13th October, 2011
It is Shaving Shop's simplicity that makes this Cologne a hit.

A great barber style freshness with an elegant twist

It has got a mediterranean touch, deep down, "Tuscany style" and in my opinion this is the key to this fragrance.

Fresh - uncomplicated yet elegant - well constructed.

An all year style - even after the gym, makes this Cologne a great hidden number.

Last well on the skin but this is not a bold sillage fragrance.

Citrus fresh with very light herbs and spices

I am normally not a big fan of splash bottles - this fragrance is a splash style Cologne, a few drops in your hands massaged on the skin - is perfect.

Jermyn street is full of little treasures that need to be discovered - "Shaving shop" is one of them - the Shop is a must to visit !!!
20th January, 2011 (last edited: 28th January, 2011)
I've been on a cologne/aftershave frenzy since i started DE shaving about six months ago. TOBS 'Shaving Shop' is a wonderful old world fresh out of the barbers smell. I bought both the AS and EDT and have a slight preference for the AS although they are both great.
20th May, 2010
This is my first review (and probably my last). I have no pretensions of being an expert in fragrances. I am simply a "user", having enjoyed trying different men's grooming products from various fine houses - Guerlain, L'Occitane, Pecksniff's, Trufitt and Hill, Acqua de Parma, Santa Maria Novella, Geo F Trumper, Penhaligon's and others - for about twenty years. Such as it is, that is my only claim to being "knowledgable". Having made that disclaimer, I personally think that ToOBS's Shaving Shop is one of the nicest men's fragrances I have ever worn. It isn't classy or flashy; it's just good and memorable, like the comforting smell of my Grandma's apple pie fresh out of the oven. (That analogy doesn't work if your grandmother was a lousy cook!)
12th January, 2010
At the moment, Taylor of Old Bond Street's Shaving Shop (cologne or aftershave) is my daily scent. It's brilliant.
I read what the other people posted here and, yes, there is something very special about this scent.
There isn't a day goes by that someone doesn't say "You smell so good."
It's cheapish ($35 for aftershave), too.
I can't say the same for Taylor's other scents. Some are atrocious.
16th May, 2009
This is nice..... very nice in fact. Starts with a bit of a zesty punch, I smell grapefruit and lime which calms down to a nice mild woody tone, with, as Amberflash said, an undercurrent of shaving cream, which is no surprise as Taylors also use this frag in a shave cream. To me, this is a country mile better than most of the other Taylors colognes. The Eton cologne reminds me of le male by JPG but for those who are over privileged and the Sandalwood, although a good sandalwood, is very very old fashioned and smells like your great grannys bedroom.

This frag would suit most ages however I wouldn't suggest it to anyone under 25.

If you get a chance to try this on then try it, it initially turned my nose upon smelling it from the bottle but once on its a dream and nowhere near as "cosmetic" as most male frags are these days.

The only real downsides for this frag are that it's not for "boys" (that could be a good thing), and, I feel it doesn't last as long due to the fact it is only available as an aftershave or cologne, however my girlfriend would say otherwise and she loves it.

Aw hell come on it's onlt 17 for a 100ml bottle, splash it on and feel like a gent.

It's what I was looking to shake off the staleness of commercial frags.
27th October, 2008

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