Eton College Collection
    by Taylor of Old Bond Street

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    Corrado Finardi
    Italy Italy

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    At the intersection of many, eventuallly unique.
    It reminds me a lot of nice memories: Jaguar for men, Lacoste Original, and due to the floral character, sometime of CK one.
    well cooked indeed :-D

    02 May, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Very good this, one of Taylor's best. A classical style eau de cologne with florals, given legs by a musky/woody/light patch drydown. Everything here is well-proportioned. It reminds me of D R Harris' Mayfair, which is similar but louder and more clumsily constructed (chef's hand slipped when adding the musk). I imagine it might suit the 'beaks' more than the pupils. Incidentally, the shaving cream is top notch too.

    02 October, 2012

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    What the Taylor’s website says about the fragrance : a beautiful masculine fragrance with dominant citrus lemon notes combined with fruity citrus notes of orange and mandarin. All this is blended with gentle floral notes that rest on a base of warm patchouli. Contains Lemon oil and Patchouli oil.

    In my opinion, this is a good fragrance for a young gentleman and an older one also.
    Why ?
    - Taylor is a true Jermyn street barber,
    - The fragrance is really also sold at Eton College,
    - The fragrance is really not expensive (18.95 £) but not a cheap one, made in England and with a gentlemanly bottle. These bottles are the same than certain from Parfumeurs et Maître Gantiers or Annick Goutal,
    - There are many complementary products and that is important : soaps, shaving cream…,
    - For an older gentleman, this is a very nice summer fragrance, very fresh and floral,
    - I can wear it for the office and at the club, this not an intrusive fragrance.
    You can go for it, for these reasons it is a good choice.
    N.B : I also wear Penhaligon’s fragrances for the winter.

    17 May, 2011

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    Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi

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    Strange - Odd - Unusual - Metallic -

    I would put it in the Jicky categorie - you love it or hate it !!

    Going in different directions between the freshness and the spices and a tad sweet.

    I like fragrances that are odd or out of the mould.

    Winter - evening - standing out.

    Deserves a try -

    I like it !!

    21st January, 2011

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    United States United States

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    Didn't do a thing for me. Actually, there's something sickening about the frag and the talc, too.

    16 May, 2009

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    Germany Germany

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    The British old school tie rendition of Goutal's Eau du Sud or Dior's Eau Sauvage. Strong citrus notes (including some slightly sulfurous grapefruit?), dirtied up by green herbs (basil, tarragon?) making it fresh-gentlemanly or fresh-musty, depending on your perspective. It gets a bit plasticky on me in the middle (same effect as with Trumper GFT - tarragon?), which is why I prefer Eau du Sud, but the price difference alone makes this one an interesting alternative to consider.

    19 June, 2008

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