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Herrera for Men Refreshing Ginger (2001)
by Carolina Herrera


Herrera for Men Refreshing Ginger information

Year of Launch2001
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
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People and companies

HouseCarolina Herrera
PackagingAndrť Ricard
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Prestige Beauty Brands

About Herrera for Men Refreshing Ginger

A limited edition update on the original Herrera for men. This version has a refreshing blend of Ginger and Cardamom

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United States
This is a bit "brighter" than Gucci Pour Homme (2003), probably largely due to the cardamom, but it's otherwise similar. What I think is the papyrus in GPH seems to also be present here. It's a dry, "papery" wood note, and it's strong, so if you don't like it, this Herrera offering probably isn't for you. It's simple, nicely blended, natural-smelling, and pleasant (if you like these notes, of course). GPH is more "focused," whereas this has more going on. Longevity and sillage are at least good to very good. If this (and GPH) are too refined for you, Azzaro's Visit may be what you are looking for.
02nd September, 2009
In my opinion, nothing like the others,this one has it's own identity.Which im still trying to figure out.I own so many different frag's that i try to find something totally different from time to time. And when i smelled this, i had to have it, but ive only wore it twice since purchasing it because it didnt give me that WOW factor that it did upon purchasing it.
26th April, 2008
Is this one of the best ginger scents out there? I think so.
It doesnít feel annoyingly zesty to the nose, and itís very very fresh but it still has the right balance of the rest of the original Herrera for men notes and you can clearly differenciate it from the other brother, Herrera vetiver and the father of course, the original Herrera for men.
I will compare it with other very nice gingers: I think that R&Gís eau de gingembre and EAís Spicy Green Tea both have a very nice ginger note that should be smelled (or experienced if you prefer that word) , and in here they all seem to go neck to neck in terms of true ginger quality, as all smell like they have used some real ginger (it never really gets there but itís very close), all of them seem very stimulating.
Ok, so compared with herreraís ginger, these two seem to be more in the unisex category than HFM-RG, this herrera one is very masculine and itís very forceful into convincing you that it is, itís still very elegant Ėsomething that the others seem to lack- and it feels very adaptable to changes, be that heat or cold, so Iíd say itís very balanced that way. The ginger is of quality and it never gets tiresome or irritant.
Very well done Herrera!
09th April, 2007
totally agree that its difficult to distinguish from the original, not a bad thing, maybe slightly less "sharp". the least unique and memorable of the 3 herrera takes, the sensual vetiver being the far and away favorite, and the original formula at number 2
28th August, 2006 (last edited: 30th November, 2011)
As J August stated it is very much like the original Herrera. Though it does stand on its own longer into the day as you wear it. I'm a Herrera fan though so I'm biased when it comes to this fragrance.
07th November, 2004
Very classy, but I had a hard time distinguishing it from the Original Herrera! I'd test it before I bought it, if you're looking for Herrera's pretty much Herrera Original, which I DO like, very much.
16th March, 2002

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