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Effusion for Him (2001)
by Iceberg


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Year of Launch2001
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanySelective Beauty
Parent Company at launchEurocosmesi

About Effusion for Him

Effusion for Him is a masculine fragrance by Iceberg. The scent was launched in 2001

Reviews of Effusion for Him

I seem to be in something of a minority by liking this scent, and I will admit part of it is definitely nostalgia, as I owned this when it came out, but from an objective standpoint, Effusion was another of Iceberg's odd little genre hybrids, but one that actually works in spite of itself rather than just coming across as a tolerable but confused mess like Iceberg Twice Homme (1995) did. Effusion brings together the aquatic, the gourmand, and the damn near antiquated citrus/pepper/musk cologne accord that was so popular up to the turn of the 20th century. While I won't say this is anywhere on the level of Caswell-Massey Number Six (1789) or Blenheim Bouquet (1902), it does take that basic piquant approach to citrus and musk, with the pepper note reminiscent of the latter, and twists it up with gourmand elements and an overall aquatic construction, reinterpreting the style for the 21st century man. I feel this is the perfect bridge between something like your grandfather's Pino Silvestri (1955) and your older brother's Cool Water (1988), so for the person who wants a "freshie" that bridges two different generations and schools of thought, this is a noble gesture and great option. It's not particularly standout in any other way, and was thoroughly lost in the din of the competition at it's time of release, but that's okay, since it's a style that ages well and remains relevant even 17 years on. Effusion won't appeal to the guy who hates aquatics, which despite it's old-school nods still technically is, but for everyone else, this might be just the hot weather fighter to stand out from the crowd you may be looking for.

Effusion opens with black pepper and grapefruit. This isn't the "radioactive grapefruit" of other ozonics, but a true grapefruit that isn't over-sweetened or amplified, with the roundness of an apple note added to soften it a tad. The pepper never really goes away throughout the entire wear, but anyone who's worn the above classics already knows this, and is joined by anise before heading into a floral heart. This heart is where the aquatic framework of the scent is most on display, with orange blossom, rose, and freesia which were all typically reserved for feminines in this period. Iceberg says cedar, sandalwood, and patchouli are in the base, but let me tell you, if they are, they're almost invisible because white musk and a reinforced licorice note are all I get, which might also just be the anise from the top latching onto the pepper and lingering awhile. The particular combination of juicy top notes, flowers, and and musk could almost be a feminine perfume in it's own right, but because that pepper is there, and perhaps whatever generic woodsy accord (likely Iso-E Super) is sitting next to the musk, forms a dry enough backbone to keep this in guy's territory. It'll certainly wake you up in the morning, and won't really do you any favors in the romance department, but could easily be a gym bag hero if need be, since it tends to resist sweat too.

Effusion for Him is pretty typical second-generation aquatic if not for that pepper and the apple swirling in the top, but it's just odd enough to stand apart, for better or for worse, from it's peers of the time. I won't say this is an essential purchase for the guy who already has any of the classic scents this tends to draw inspiration from, nor would it be really important to an aquatic fan that already has a ton of them in his collection, but for somebody a little bit more adventurous and looking for a cool summer active scent, you could do a whole lot worse than this. It's asking price is rock bottom, like most Iceberg products, and rather limited in appeal outside casual use, also like most Iceberg products, but for a modern fresh fragrance lover that hasn't experienced black pepper, this is actually a good, safe starting point, since something like Blenheim Bouquet may in fact be too dry for such a modern palette. I had one, used it up, and just never replaced it since I rarely found use for it after I quit working outdoors, but I give it a thumbs up because it's a rather competent composition despite being more synthetic than a piece of American cheese. Longevity leaves something to be desired, but I think that makes this a good daytime-only scent that can be sprayed over with something more sensual when a romantic evening awaits. Besides that, it has sufficient sillage and is too unassuming to offend. A decent, albeit mostly unremarkable scent, with some neat ideas running throughout.
13th March, 2018
Not much to say here, this was the first fragrance I owned as a teenager. Cheap, pleasant, but also slightly forgettable. It does the job of being a light, inoffensive lemony fresh spray upon initial application, which settles into a sweet, almost powdery dry down. Not bad, nor groundbreaking but that's about it.
21st November, 2013

This gets a low rating from me only because it could have been better, but it seems the perfumer here was hell bent on being just synthetic. It really smells like plastic flowers. The benefit is that when you need to rise above the odor of mass-humanity, this is an express train out. I have sampled other full-on synthetics that interplay with notes like leather for example (Canali Style); Effusion plays with vanilla, vetiver and spice. Don a crisp white shirt and khakis or denim and this will fit nicely. Works well for office use too.

Pros: Synthetic
Cons: Synthetic

30th June, 2013

A sporty and dynamic woody/floral in the vein of the various Lanvin Pour Homme and Joop Nightflight (far better), with a notable minty/anicy fruity accord. The green apple application is typical of several sporty juices as in this case. I smell an orange/grapefruit mastering interaction, a lot of woodiness (a starring cedarwood), some dustiness and a cool bracing patchouli. Nothing particularly wrong with this decent fragrance which is just an immensely common type of smell nowadays.
21st March, 2013
Wise Owl Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A light and airy scent with notes of anise and black pepper running through it. Very much in a similar vein to Lanvin's Oxygene. Doesn't project particularly well, nor is it very long lasting. It is however fairly pleasant and inoffensive and would make a decent office fragrance. Unfortunately it is also nothing out of the ordinary and you can definitely get better for the price.
23rd December, 2012
Eh, nothing much to say about this. Leaves a spicy cedarwood accord on your skin for a while.
14th December, 2009

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