Himalaya (2002)
    by Creed

    Himalaya Fragrance Notes

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    United States United States

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    An enigmatic wonder of scented bliss. Yes, this begins with something odd, but very spring-ish! I feel clean wearing this fragrance. Then the drydown comes into play and I have an occasional blast of woods out of nowhere, yet not a dirty forest, but a Coors Beer commercial vibe! Mountains, and clean water cascading over mineraly rocks. This is an excellent blend. My spring scents are this, GIT, Tere D'Hermes, and Black Touch for spring evenings.

    05 April, 2014

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Cold, yet warm; sour, yet sweet. Himalaya is a conundrum and it's not surprising that it divides so many people.

    The opening is a cold, citrus blast of alcohol. Unlike some, this doesn't grab me. It actually reminds me of that chemical odour of women's hairspray.

    For me, though, Himalaya is all about the dry down. It stays somewhat austere on me for a good few hours as a cold, metallic note persists but then it develops into a lovely, warm sandalwood base, touched by a most agreeable incense note. I don't like incense but in this fragrance it really works for me.

    I don't understand why so many reviewers have called Himalaya generic. I would agree that it doesn't belong to the familiar Creed family of fragrances, but I regard it as anything but generic. I also get the impression that this is a fragrance that projects more favourably than the wearer may realise. I know that sounds odd but those notes that rise from close quarters through the wearer's nasal passages, particularly for the first two or three hours, are definitely less revealing and balanced than they are for a receiving nose a couple of feet away.

    I've had my bottle for about a year now and I wore Himalaya on a cold day recently after a fairly long break and I have to say it was a joy - more so than past outings. It has grown on me with time and I swear it has improved with age, like my bottle of Aventus. Or that could just be me, warming to it.

    I also have a different experience with longevity to many reviewers. On that day, it was an absolute beast. I applied three sprays to the neck in the morning and my wife and I could still smell it after 13 hours, although it was naturally wearing closer to the skin by then. I did apply some unscented moisturiser to my neck first, so that may well have assisted.

    If you want a fragrance that is inoffensive and versatile but still shouts quality, then you could do a lot worse. Not up there with my favourites by any means but I do find myself enjoying wearing Himalaya very much. Overall, a worthy addition to a collection.

    23 March, 2014

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    Not Creed's best, but overall, a good addition.

    Before I bought this one, I did some research. A review once classified this as the workhorse of the Creed house and I tend to lean that way. A good every day scent. Could be worn to work daily. Very safe.

    However, the opening is almost too floral for my taste. This can definitely be worn by either a man or a woman and would get no argument from me. I would not recommend Himalaya to someone who is new to Creed. Or to a man that is not "mature" or "confident enough" to pull this off.

    Still good to bust out every once in a while on date night.

    Pros: Longevity, projection
    Cons: I agree that this is non-distinct, almost too floral"

    07 September, 2013

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    Pretty pricey for nothing special

    Started with a crisp blast of lemony citrus that stayed a while before disappearing into a cool, crisp scent. Smelled like a real lemon, unlike other lemony scents that come across as too redolent of hospital disinfectant.

    Unfortunately, the lemon left too soon and was replaced by...nothing. A pale, crisp fragrance that lingered without intruding or making itself known. This was the girl at the party who might have been interesting but stayed in the corner hugging her wine glass and keeping to herself. And then she's gone after barely making her presence felt.

    Pros: Inoffensive office scent
    Cons: Not distinctive"

    21st August, 2013

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    Normal Fragrance

    I blind bought Himalaya a year ago, and have only come to spray it on a couple times in that time.

    It is a very nice, bold fragrance, but very "normal". I feel like this is a fragrance one could find at Macy's or a small perfume store for a much cheaper price.

    Overall it smells nice, but for the "creed" money your paying, I would suggest another scent.

    Although the box is pretty cool.

    Pros: Manly, Strong
    Cons: Generic, bland, expensive"

    15 August, 2013

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    Pleasant and fresh

    The too note is traditional with citrus-bergamot freshness. But from the start a restrained scent. In the drydown a woody note with nutmeg is added, whilst vetiver keels up the fresh character, albeit somewhat attenuated. Towards the end the house-specific ambergris note and vanilla sweetness is emerging. Always close to my skin after the first half an hour, and gone after two hours. For warmer climes.

    Pros: Fresh and restrained

    17 June, 2013

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