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Himalaya (2002)
by Creed


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Year of Launch2002
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Himalaya

Himalaya is a masculine fragrance by Creed. The scent was launched in 2002

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Reviews of Himalaya

"The Masked Armpit" nailed it -- Pepper and soap for hours and hours...that's it....YAWN.
This was my first Creed and I got it as a tester from a retail perfume store. The price was good, and because it was a CREED, I was SURELY going to like it. I sprayed it and liked it (well enough). I was SURELEY to like it better later (because it was a CREED). Later (after purchase, of course), I noticed the dry-down was disappointing. I received the same experience every time I wore it. It now just sits on my shelf as a sad reminder of what happens to boring fragrances.
11th September, 2018
A half-hearted thumbs up. Not because Creed's Himalaya smells bad to me, but because it's too understated and simple for my tastes.

Take perhaps four parts Escentric Molecules 01 and six parts Escentric Molecules 02, mix together, and...
Voila, it's Creed Himalaya! I do detect a few other notes in there, but for the most part, these seem to dominate: Iso E Super and Ambroxan.

Opening spray is a light citrus peel sensation that immediately goes into skin-scent mode. Ironically, after about 15 minutes this initial sheen dissipates, and the iso e emerges quite clearly, along with the unmistakable musky Creed ambergris accord (partly reflected in Ambroxan, one element in ambergris).

Now the question is: Do you like loud, straightforward and assertive colognes? Then Creed Himalaya may not be for you. This scent is airy, aromatic, woody, slightly citrus and musky with moderate sillage. It seems meant for the enjoyment of the wearer than those walking by or around the wearer, unless he (she?) had decided to layer Himalaya on himself three times or so.

Sandalwood's musky-creamy presence works well to add a bit more complexity to the cedar in the base; else, if it was strictly iso e super, this would be a more sterile scent from Creed. Overall, there is an atmospheric, natural vibe that Himalaya communicates, and those who like subtle, whispering soft fragrances, this may be the scent for you.

Great casual outing fragrance, also suitable for daily informal wear and for the office. Creed's Himalaya is a safe, pleasant, clean and basic scent that shouldn't offend any but the most sensitive smeller.
08th September, 2018
I agree with the person who summed this up by saying Himalaya smells like a soapy version of SMW. I couldn't agree more. I love SMW but this one is more wearable for all occasions. Call it the generic freshie of the Creed line, and this is why I love it. Looking for a daily scent that's work friendly but smells of high quality? Never cloying but never under the radar either? Paranoid about being the "cologne guy"? Look no further.

I'd say it opens up with beautiful citrus (which surprisingly stays into the mid-drydown) and then transitions to gorgeous sandlewood/musk/gunpowder for the duration. Sometimes when I don't think about the fragrance, I'll get wafts of tea (this is the SMW comparison) which I truly adore and welcome.

Longevity and Sillage is average, lasts through a work day.

Since owning this, I question why I own Prada L'homme and other designer fresh fragrances. I have a feeling I will never wear them because this will be my go-to safe fragrance.

I'll always have a bottle of this in my collection. One of the most under-rated Creeds in my opinion. Sample if you haven't already but I'd also be as bold to say that this is one of the safest blind buy Creeds if you're into blind buying.
12th April, 2018
Tied for my second favorite Creed after Aventus with Green Irish Tweed.

I love it.

Crisp, almost metallic freshness.

Great performance.

17th February, 2018
Pleasant and clean, like a floral soap but has a spicy citrus note in the opening. The woody notes give it that masculine edge but I get a lot of floral from Himalaya even though I don't see it in the notes. Soft projection but not a skin scent. I find that a little body heat helps with projection a lot because it does seem to hang around all day on me but then projection really amps up if I'm moving a lot.
26th January, 2018
Smells fresh, cold, clean, and modern.
Not overpowering nor cloying.
Go for Aventus or GIT for special occasions, as Himalaya is not groundbreakingly unique, but definitely a safe scent for daily wear.
03rd December, 2017

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