Lacoste pour Homme (2002)
    by Lacoste

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    The first P&G Lacoste scent, with notes of Rum, vanilla and musk packaged in a stylish smoke-grey bottle with textured silver cap.

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    United States United States

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    I'm mixed on just how much I like this one...sometimes I love it, sometimes I just like it. Really interesting opening: a little synthetic, a little sweet but not overpowering. It feels like a "clean" scent, something I could wear to work comfortably. Settles down really nicely on my skin. I feel like I can wear this scent any season, any time, no problem. It's unique, haven't smelt something that makes me thing "this is clean" and "this is sweet". Decent projection and longevity. Wouldn't suggest as a blind buy because it is a rather unique smell that I can see some people not being into. 7.5-8/10

    05 January, 2014

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    Germany Germany

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    I don#t know what to say about this one... I bought it because someone told me they liked it in their teenage years. I was pretty disappointed with it. It only smells sweet, i can barely recognize anything in it... it's just isn't mine.

    31st March, 2013

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    Croatia Croatia

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    In style and smell reminds of Burberry Men, despite the apparent lack of originality, a very good scent. This fragrance is incredibly "friendly" which can't be said for many frags. The tea note and spices are strong, the tea note being stronger than in Burberry Men and also musk is quite more dominant in Lacoste PH. As the drydown slowly creeps in, one can easily get reminiscence of Bvlgari PH Soir albeit without that certain mediterranean character Bvlgari PH Soir contains. In any case, I'm pleasantly surprised by this scent, despite the fact it's not "original".

    19 January, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Figured someone needed to break the chain of negative reviews on this one...
    Lacoste PH is essentially versatile sophistication in a bottle. Right off the bat it seems like a fragrance for the office and casual-business. However, when worn a few times, one will realize that it is not that inflexible. Rather, it is a sophisticated fragrance, but "fun" at the same time. It is masculine, with a subtle sweetness (not the sweetness you would get from Rochas, A*Men, etc., but instead a more natural sweetness that you would get from any fruit).
    It is a tad bit synthetic, but definitely worth buying, if not, at least trying.

    06 October, 2012

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    Norway Norway

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    LuciusVorenus' review says it all, but anyway I'm going to add that I found Lacoste pour Homme metallic, synthetic, overly sweet and headache-inducing. It's just too much of a good idea. Rum? Who the hell wants to smell like rum? With grease and brown sugar dissolved in it?

    07 July, 2012

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    Shifty Bat
    United States United States

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    This scent is utterly useless. As long as the original Jaguar exists, this should not. Fruit opening with some spice notes in the middle that run away like from skin like frightened cats within the hour, leaving behind a sort of lemony vanilla drydown that makes banality seem desirable. P&G seems to have given the Lacoste fragrance line the full 'New Guy in the Prison' treatment.

    17 June, 2012

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