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Paul Smith Extreme Men (2002)
by Paul Smith


Paul Smith Extreme Men information

Year of Launch2002
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 135 votes)

People and companies

HousePaul Smith
PerfumerMarie-Aude Couture
PerfumerOlivier Pescheux
PackagingSophie Hicks
Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About Paul Smith Extreme Men

Paul Smith Extreme Men is a masculine fragrance by Paul Smith. The scent was launched in 2002 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Olivier Pescheux and Marie-Aude Couture. The bottle was designed by Sophie Hicks

Paul Smith Extreme Men fragrance notes

Reviews of Paul Smith Extreme Men

A nice blend of citrus and spice that quickly turns into a nice barbershop scent on my skin. Lasts in the 4 hour range with limited projection after 60 t0 90 minutes. The opening does smell rather zesty and as it drys the juice becomes enjoyable with wafts of geranium sandalwood and musk. For the price it is a nice weekend or casual scent or something for the office. Enjoy!
06th December, 2016

Mixed opening of citrus, herbs, and spices. No one note is prominent in the massed accord. It’s kind of… not sharp… or rich… or visceral… I guess “ehh” says it all. It lasts about a half hour.

The heart notes sound great: incense, geranium, and rosewood. Again I can’t separate out the notes: but I do get a little resin and a good dose of not-very-natural wood and I don’t smell the geranium: I would think that with both rosewood and geranium there would be a stronger presence. There’s nothing objectionable here, but this accord is another ehhh…

The base is disappointing not in how it smells, but in its lack of projection. It is woody and muskish and there’s a decent modern / young feel to it, but it seems to be barely surviving. I guess what bothers me most about Paul Smith Extreme is that it is called “extreme.” It isn’t.
17th February, 2016
Nice box and bottle. Smells vaguely of flower shops, vaguely of crayons and pencil shavings and vanishes without trace within an hour. Bit pointless, really.
20th October, 2015
Here’s another “kind of” winner among Paul Smith range. Nothing extreme here, rather the opposite: Extreme is in fact to me a really mellow, smooth, quite unexpectedly classy and mature sort of citrus-floral-herbal fragrance with cedar, something soapy and slightly fruity, maybe a hint of orange blossoms, and something like cardamom. I also get rosemary quite clearly, bringing this a bit close to Rochas Aquaman and Lanvin Oxygene – they just both develop the herbal-aquatic Mediterranean theme, here it is just more a touch of herb among more classic woods and floral-citrus notes. Which is basically what makes Extreme slightly different from similar fragrances, as it smells basically like a “bridge” between old-school citrus-woody-floral “barbershop” aftershaves, and more modern spicy Oriental ones. Overall a really bright and pleasant scent, quite “synthetic” but I don’t mind that – the smell is incredibly fine and rich, and that is what counts for me. It is a sort of really modern, kind of youngster but really refined sort of classic “eau de cologne”, with its flowers-infused citrus and woody-spicy blend. Shortly a sort of barbershop scent for “downtown lads”, less old-school and a bit more contemporary. Nothing juvenile though, just simply crisp, versatile and lively, perfectly suitable for mature men as well. Longevity is really poor, soon leaving on skin just a faint soapy-musky drydown (still nice, just barely perceivable), but it works fine on clothes.

12th June, 2015
loving the original one, when i tried this i got mixed up! this one doesnt remind me dior's farenheit at all; first notes brings me too many essences, a lot peppery, considering woud be probably a 'warm' one, a messy nice surprise to nose, while there's something sweet and quite fresh at the same time.. pepper is still visible almost all the time
Base notes are kinda woody, always surprising with some flashes of the original scent now and then, and a feel of a pleasant smell.
Dry out is pretty soft and clean makes u think its a quite reasonable perfume. Pepery yet really original and quirky, also loving its colory design on bottle :)
04th March, 2013 (last edited: 06th March, 2013)
subtle and elegant, somewhat old style..9/10
22nd December, 2012

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