Truth Calvin Klein Men (2002)
    by Calvin Klein

    Truth Calvin Klein Men Fragrance notes

    Aromatic, Sensual and Woody notes, Canopy Greens accord, Sunstruck Resin, Basil, Cardamom, White Patchouli, Red Cedar and Wacapou wood.

    Truth Calvin Klein Men information

    Targetting the 25 - 49 year old age group, this new scent from CK contains notes of basil, cedar and patchouli. The scent has a natural freshness and sits in a horizontally tilted bottle, designed by Fabien Baron.

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    very green

    very green.. citrus and soft...great for summer- spring and fall..

    20th May, 2013

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    United States United States

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    I've always appreciated CK frags, mostly for their reasonable price tags, but they also produce some really nice scents. Truth is a perfect wet/green, cut grass offering. Everyone knows the heavy hitters from this house (Obsession, Eternity, & CK One), but this is easily their most underrated. If it really is being discontinued, I'll be sure to stock up. Cant imagine not having this in my rotation during the Spring/Summer months.

    12 February, 2013

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    I Love the freshness of the grass cut smell, but on my skin... Don't work.. What i can do...

    22 June, 2012

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    Australia Australia

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    Truth for Men is one of the nicest green aromatic scents around. Because it is so likable, I will not hesitate to place this fragrance into a unisex category.

    This fragrance opens with clean and crisp 'metallic greens', with a subtle hint of pepper. The scent is rather fresh, although not overly Summery or too watery, it has substance.

    Surprisingly this fragrance strikes me as being very natural, like the scent of grass on the floor of a forest and a man that has showered with spicy soap. Truth for Men is almost luscious and smooth.

    It's not what I'd call particularly sexy, however on a man, it's very approachable. Through discovering this fragrance, I've realised that green scents work way better on men. Those grassy and earthy notes could suit practically any man, despite his personality, style or age.

    The lasting strength of Truth for Men is great, as is the sillage, although not powerful, has a great projection. In my opinion this is the perfect choice for a man seeking a naturalistic, clean fragrance at a reasonable price.

    04 April, 2012

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    Canada Canada

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    I got a couple of sample spray vials of this last week in the mail from ebay. I quite like it. I reminds me a lot of Givenchy's Greenergy. However, I prefer Greenergy, so I see no need to get a full bottle of this. Unless, of course, it's impossible to get another bottle of Greenergy. This would make a great replacement.

    24 June, 2011

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    Hungary Hungary

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    I think it's the best from CK..and I don't understand WHY not as popular as good it is.
    That's true it's not a complicated perfume. Simple,fresh,light green grass smell combined with some pepper and mild citrus note.

    I don't know why,but it's a "twin brother" in my mind with Davidoff Silver Shadow Altitude.
    I've found some similarity why I like both of them :-)
    These are so relaxing scents for me if I have stressed days.

    22 March, 2011

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