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Angel Schlesser Homme (2001)
by Angel Schlesser


Angel Schlesser Homme information

Year of Launch2001
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 58 votes)

People and companies

HouseAngel Schlesser
PerfumerThierry Wasser
Parent CompanyAngelini > Idesa

About Angel Schlesser Homme

Angel Schlesser Homme is a masculine fragrance by Angel Schlesser. The scent was launched in 2001 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Thierry Wasser

Angel Schlesser Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of Angel Schlesser Homme

A strange scent but in a positive way. Has a savoury rice note with a hint of popcorn. Dries down fresh (on me, a bit like Lacoste Essential Sport) A wierd one but I like it.
15th April, 2012
The nearly universal "thumbs up" coupled with a lack on consensus about what it is that makes this fragrance so appealing is testimony to it's unique and quirky balance.

On my skin it starts off a little too sweet, with touches of honey and fig which yield to notes more herbal, yet somehow complex, mysterious and difficult to define. The mystery deepens over the next few hours into a drydown that is masculine, refined and equally difficult to pigeonhole. Suffice to say that the pyramid yields a refreshingly unique experience over it's life. Clings closely to the skin and seems to exhibit average duration.
14th March, 2010
The fresh almost fruity-sweet opening is a welcome reflief from the near-cliched citrus tops. It holds my interest even further with its cool, watery texture rather reminiscent of wet leaves after a rainfall. Unfortunately 10 minutes is about as far as it had me under its thrall as I find the progression lacking in focus and somewhat generic. Sillage is not a strong suit either. Hard to believe that the nose behind this creation was Thierry Wasser, who in 2008 was appointed by Guerlain to be its in-house perfumer. Only time will tell if that was a bad move for Guerlain but judging by ANGEL SCHLESSER HOMME and his other creations which include Armani Diamonds and Diesel Fuel for Life for Her, I'd be worried.
30th September, 2009
Oh, the drydown!!!!!

This is a classic light scent with a modern, unexpected touch. At first is a fougère with a spicy, oriental note, then the woody middle notes start to make an appearance. The drydown is GORGEOUS, warm and sensual.

Thierry Wasser, now the in-house perfumer of Guerlain, did a wonderful job with the first masculine perfume for this spanish fashion house. Ángel Schlesser Homme is a classy and mysterious perfume with natural notes that stays close to the skin and with good longetivity. For fans of well crafted masculine scents, subtles but with personality. A favourite.

Colour: orange - brown
22nd September, 2009
Hmmm. Hmmm! Ah yes! This is good. I can't chide the fragrance for not lasting on me due to my chemistry but this is good! Hints of something like Lolita Au Masculine (very slight hints mind you) and one of those "sporty" fragrances from Polo, Hugo or some such. Sporty meaning youthful. Fresh and clean but with odd herbal feeling to it that calms everything down. Great for a night out where you don't want to project into the next neighborhood with your scent.
27th June, 2008
This is one of many not so popular but quite good scents.
You can easily detect bergamot, sandalwood, cedar, anis and white musk, but the most interesting note here (at least to me) is rice. It’s funny, but on many sites you won’t even find rice among the Angel’s notes. For me, without rice the picture of Angel is just like an unfinished puzzle.
I worried about the Angel’s sillage and I was apllying 8 sprays on each side of my neck until my mother told me once: ”You smell as strong as some prostitute”. That nice, little compliment “killed” my worries about its sillage.
It’s ideal for the afternoon’s walks during the summer.
14th April, 2008

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