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Joint is a masculine fragrance by Roccobarocco.

Reviews of Joint

Joint is a lost and looked-over gem of a fragrance on par with Anthracite or (to a lesser extent) Ungaro III. The late 80's and early 90's saw a tremendous shift which left many worthy releases without the inertia they deserved, and the oddly-named Joint is one of them. Many have compared it to Bogart's Furyo, and I can agree to an extent, but it lacks the deep and resinous incense and amber to match up. That same dried out basil and coriander theme still exists here, but this one focuses more on the spicy side. This is red bell pepper wearing an Arrow collar shirt and wearing a retro musk. It might not suit today's kids but it is sexy. I can't for the life of me figure out how the base can at once be so old and so nonexistent - It's like the base dissolves into the mid to keep the peppery spice rolling along. Overall it's like wearing Furyo without the Head Shop smell, or like Giorgio's Red For Men devoid of any sweetness (the civet is really something). Eau Cendree and the early Jil Sanders spring to mind. Joint is a rather strange scent in that it is like wearing a raging storm which only roils an inch off your body: nearly nonexistent from afar, but irresistibly good up close.

09th February, 2017
I owned once a bottle years ago but in that time i was in the Farhenheit's new hunter mood. I remember it was basically a dark woody scent with herbal, spicy and fruity nuances. There was a certain level of dustiness and animalism in it. Joint is a masculine fragrance, with a spicy patchouli and a nocturnal side.
27th February, 2012 (last edited: 28th February, 2012)
To me this is a GREAT Scent.....Its like Kouros and a little bit of Body Kouros got mixed together accidently and then they toned down the animalic notes in Kouros a little bit...a very good scent!
30th July, 2009
Stylish creation smelling like a crossover of half Chevignon Brand and the classic 4711. Very aromatic, loads of Mediterranean herbs, chypre, sandal-and cedarwood,lavender and lemon notes. A groundbreaking revival of old school luxuriant scnts, exhaling a definitive, yet sophistcatedly subtle and classy masculinity.
28th January, 2006
Rich,dark, warm, smooth and spicy. Quite pleasant.
23rd November, 2004
Joint is a terrific warm and woody scent. It's been fairly overlooked and is now hard to find. But it's worth trying if you can find it. It's warm, fresh, woody and a very unique, classy scent.
07th February, 2004

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