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L'Autre (1973)
by Diptyque


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Year of Launch1973
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyManzanita

About L'Autre

Spice scent with coriander, cardamom and patchouli

L'Autre fragrance notes

Reviews of L'Autre

Indian cooking spices galore!

Yes, powerful cumin and cardamom combination with patchouli in drydown support. The effect is that of a serious bottle break in the kitchen with the dry sharp cardamom powder mixing with the cumin. If only we had some tumeric to round it out.

Not at all unpleasant as some other reviewers find it, but quite strong. I imagine it is the way the skin of Indian merchants might smell from exposure to the pounding into powder of the plants themselves.

Turin's catch phrase of "garam masala" is 100% inaccurate as that spice is sweet and redolent of the scent of immortelle. L'Autre is a unique and compelling masculine, emanating in an almost smoky aura, very sexy and seductive. Two thumbs up.
07th March, 2016
It's a landmark of 70s weirdness and rich hippie style but it lacks the body of a proper perfume. I love the smell of it--it is stale and armpitty like nothing else from the bottle but is more fresh lemon and patchouli on skin. Like L'Eau Trois, however, it lacks tenacity and a strong base and goes flat and sits too close to skin. Am I the only person that thinks, "If only Diptyque L'Autre were stronger"? I mean, if a person wishes to smell like this in the first place I'm sure they're not the type that wants to be subtle about it. I don't have time for EDTs and subtlety!

Edit 10/2: I've come around to appreciating the lightness and transparency of L'Autre, which makes it very wearable. Its quiet sillage is a fine patchouli which seems ground and powdered like peppercorns via its collusion with the other spices. From the bottle I reliably get shocking body odor, but on skin it stays aggressively fresh and lemony like a cologne. The EDT is a masterpiece that must be acknowledged as the prototype of the polarizing Serge Lutens spice rack orientals, such as Chypre Rouge and Serge Noire. Between this and L'Eau, Diptyque had astonishing influence on 90s niche. The first Comme des Garcons EDP can be seen as a combination of L'Eau and L'Autre, if you think about it.
22nd January, 2015 (last edited: 02nd October, 2015)
I love spices- reading about the history of their diffusion in the Western world, discovering the chemistry behind them and, of course using them while cooking. I've recently started making my own mixes- garam masala, pain d'épices mixture, ras- el- hanut- having a lot of fun with my mortar and pestle. Now, as I love smelling the garam masala mixture sizzling in the pan and I love finding fragrant traces of it in my kitchen even a few days after, I'm really ill at ease with feeling like I've rolled in it! Cumin- not too sweaty- a lot of cardamom, fenugreek, something herbal fresh and aromatic (thyme? laurel?) on a thick, slightly oily, sweetish resinous base... Although I appreciate the originality of the formula, the strong association with Indian food makes it unwearable for me.
28th November, 2013
I thoroughly enjoy "dirty" leaning fragrances, so I was excited to get a bottle of what I'd heard was the skankiest juice around.

Ultimately, it wounded up being far more pleasant than I'd anticipated. Although the first few minutes are spice overload (hello, Cumin!) and almost vinegar-y. But then a lovely dry-down; it smells warm and ancient.

Projection is not significant; I haven't had any comments on it from neighbours/co-workers. It lingers quite close to the skin once its mellowed out.

The "humanity" mentioned in other reviews is here, I suppose. For me, it's a romantic fragrance with a slight leaning toward the erotic, but not too confrontational to wear. I'll enjoy wearing this through the winter months, for sure.
07th January, 2013
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United Kingdom
A powerful, spice based fragrance which will not be to all tastes. Bold cumin and coriander seed soften out into dusty asffron and wood nots on the dry down, revealing a certain unconventional elegance and more than a hint of what I will generously call humanity.

Try before you buy, this is a polarising scent which induces rapture and disgust in equal measure. A great favourite of mine, but one to wear for yourself, and almost certainly 'nsfw' as they say.
26th February, 2012
i think this is my first review :)

well, if this humble thumbs up saves this along with l' eau trois from being totally phased out from this earth then so be it..

if you hate curry-like spices you will most probably not like this

otherwise this is a warm comforting weirdly elegant scent

i dont wear it out but it is one of my favorite private comfort scents, or simply said one of my favorites

i ordered this unsniffed and asked my friend who went abroad to bring it home for me and when i opened it to smell, i immediately had two exclamations in my mind, "o shit she's gonna hate this!! <lol>" and the other was "damn, this is everything i read and dreamed and hoped it would be!!"
22nd August, 2011

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