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Cuir / Cuir de Russie (1939)
by L.T. Piver


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Year of Launch1939
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseL.T. Piver
Parent CompanyEric Amouyal

About Cuir / Cuir de Russie

Cuir / Cuir de Russie is a shared / unisex perfume by L.T. Piver. The scent was launched in 1939

Cuir / Cuir de Russie fragrance notes

Reviews of Cuir / Cuir de Russie

Honey & warm sweet Leather... gorgeous!!
L.T. Piver is a very old French perfume house comparable to Guerlain in that it served the Royalty of France in the 18th & 19th Centuries.

The perfume Cuir was inspired by the French fascination with all things coming from Russia and the East, this included the smell of "Russian Leather" or "Cuir de Russie" made famous by Chanel and previously Guerlain. This is the smell of "Cossack" boots, which were meant for horseback riding, and in which birch tar was used to give the leather a less "animalic" smell.

This is such a beauty for me because it has an unusual combination of honey & leather, followed by warm spices, oakmoss, amber, woods and resins... what more could you ask for? In fact, every time I spray this it makes me smile! Such a warm and happy vibe!

The honey note is done very tastefully and is sweet but also dark and spicy at the same time. The whole fragrance actually reminds me of hot black tea with honey and spices... as I sometimes drink tea without milk and just with cloves and cinnamon, and sweetened with either sugar or honey! I can imagine a scene in old Russia of a noble soldier who is returning home after a long journey with his horse tired from riding many dangerous miles through forest and snow... he reaches a typical wooden house not far from the forest which is warm and has a fire... and on the fire there is hot tea waiting ready for him, and maybe some meat, bread and honey for him to eat after his long and exhausting journey. It is the smell of warm, genuine hospitality and human comfort against the bitter cold of nature outside. To me this is the perfect winter fragrance but could be worn on formal occasions at other times of the year.

The whole fragrance has a "refined" and "classic" quality which is good for many different occasions. I'm grateful to the person who allowed me to sample this because without it I probably wouldn't have discovered this perfume house on my own! I'm very grateful to them!

I'm recommending this one to all who love the smell of warm, winter spices and honey, with a touch of leather. I'm very impressed by this creation from L.T. Piver., and will try more from them in future... well done!
28th October, 2014
First Edit: My iniitial review was of the re-issue (see text below). I gave it a neutral because it was merely a wood, not a leather. I have just purchased a bottle of the 1939 vintage and what a world of difference.

The original is true Russian leather: birch tar with animalic civet, castoreum and ambergris, tied together with the darkest of musks, and only slightly lightened by tonka and amber. Truly masculine and truly great. By all means seek out vintage on this one. Avoid the re-issue at all costs.

Initial review of the re-issue follows:

First, a blast of cedar wood with a light, pleasant turpentine moment, then it settles down to be a very light wood scent with a touch of bergamot.

In other words, I get no leather at all.

The great leathers in my book are: SMN's Peau d'Espagne, Chanel's Cuir de Russie, Knize Ten and Parfums d'Empire's Cuir Ottoman. These run the gamut from strong to light, from tough masculine to elegant gentlemanly sophistication. If you had these four on hand, your leather moods would be secured.

L. T. Piver's Cuir is a pleasant wood, not a leather. Okay, but no prize winner.
16th April, 2014 (last edited: 27th August, 2017)
The first sensation i felt in a while few instants after the first inhalation of this fragrance was the laundry smell of clean and wiped hotel rooms of the old city. Someting clean, soapy and talky-fresh whirls  in the air. This is the first effect of the combination of bergamot, aromatic resins and honey few instants after the  spray. With the time the soapy laundry feel evolves towards a soft ad aromatic leathery smell with some mildness made of balsams and  powdery woods. There is a boise', resinous and aromatic vibe exuding from the juice, may be coming out from  birch resin. A luxurious leathery  and honeyed fragrance very discreet, balanced and restrained.
11th December, 2011 (last edited: 17th December, 2011)
This is a great fragrance - I think it is really geared towards men, but it could work on a woman too. I am currently wearing the new version "Cuir". It went on as leather/honey, and stayed with me all day. I wore it on wrists and neck. It stays very close to the skin and I never felt I would have to "explain" myself with this one. It's very classic, non-controversial...there is almost nothing to dislike about this and it's extremely wearable. That might be it's slight downfall for me! It's so self-assured, plays well with others it's not terribly interesting unless you want to gaze into it's eyes. It's subtle, manly but not "butch". A man in a suit who is a banker, not a broker. There are some other layers there - carnation - that add depth but nothing really stands out to me that much; almost predictable, not boring though, just enough to interest. This is a good work fragrance. I do wonder how it compares to the original. Very safe choice I would say.

12th July, 2011
Well, I don't get a birch note and I don't get a leather note.
What I do get is a very -- very -- sweet, powdery fragrance. Aromatic at first, develops a tinny/metallic twang.
Certainly does not ring my chimes.
This is the vintage version: Cuir de Russie.
12th July, 2011
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This has been re-formulated and repackaged and re-named. It's now just called Cuir. It's a sweeter leather and I like it very much. Honey is tricky to achieve in fragrances as it smells a lot like piss, but it's done well here. What with all the makeovers, you would expect the price to rise also -- it has.
06th June, 2011

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