Sun Men (2002)
    by Jil Sander

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    A long awaited men's version following the success of the womens orignal launched in 1989. The scent is designed to be reminsent of the summer.

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    75ml EdT
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    Germany Germany

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    I never understood how came that 'Sun Men' was ALWAYS on sale (here, in Germany) ??? Did they produce 1 million bottles of it and now they had to sell it by all means?

    After having bought a bottle (on sale, :p) I understood why. It's cheap soapy wanna-be scent of freshness gets through and stays, for that brief period of time that it lasts. I regret having bought it.

    04 May, 2013

    Stereotomy's avatar
    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Sweet balsamic woody oriental. Looks like a dense scent from application onwards. However, near the end it becomes very thin and synthetic. Does develop well in heat.

    31st March, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Your enjoyment of Sun Men will depend on how much you like the smell of Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion. If you've always longed for a oriental fragrance marketed to men that can be worn to the beach, then Sun Men is your fragrance. Unlike anything else out there really beyond the women's version which it bears some resemblance. Should you forgo the sunscreen and opt for Sun Men on your next trip to the beach? Nah, won't protect you from sunburn but it will work as a substitute for that coconutty, vanilla aroma that Hawaiian Tropic always conjures.

    13 June, 2011

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    Nigeria Nigeria

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    It smells like the sun. I have never smelt the sun but I now can say I know whay it smells like. Maybe the name is playing tricks on me...but all i see is a big bright sun when I take a sniff. There is a sense of warmth, a feeling of bright, hot outdoors. For what would I wear this? I am not sure...maybe during a horrid winter, as aroma therapy.
    Jil Sander's scents are very subtle and understated most of the time. This is no exception. Recommended for people who do not like to wear heavy, heady, in your face frags. Not bad.

    23 November, 2008

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    Germany Germany

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    This reminds me of hot summer evenings! IMO it has great longevity. For me it's a must have...

    25 October, 2008

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    Germany Germany

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    as the other posters have stated unfortunately nothing extraordinary however nice and inoffensive.
    good frag, good for the wallet too :)
    got this one during summer sale and like it, suits almost any occasion althoguh i find it a little to 'warm' for a pure summer scent.
    a thumbs up anyway

    17 August, 2008

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