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Omar Sharif pour Homme (1992)
by Omar Sharif


Omar Sharif pour Homme information

Year of Launch1992
Average Rating
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HouseOmar Sharif
Parent CompanyPrestige International Distribution

About Omar Sharif pour Homme

Omar Sharif pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Omar Sharif. The scent was launched in 1992

Reviews of Omar Sharif pour Homme

Omar Sharif was a movie star and my mom was a fan. Swarthy and handsome, I also remember seeing him in a number of films. In 1992, this leather chypre was released under his name and only very recently did I even know about it. I have no interest in "celebs" endorsing this or that, but the accords intrigued me along with the year this was made.

Obviously, Omar is of middle eastern descent and ( for me) this usually conjures up images of spices, aromatics,etc....I didn't know what to expect in terms of note distribution, but once applied, I am pleased to say that Omar Sharif Pour Homme begins with a smooth, spicy green citric accord enhanced with aldehyde. This isn't mysterious or cloak 'n' dagger construction, but rather conventional and comfortable. The artemesia is subtle but augments the opening accord with substance.

The floral heart of carnation, jasmin, geranium and rose is courted by cypress and this is a shrewd choice. The florals are at the same volume as the wood note and the cypress facilitates the spicy green theme that has been apparent from the very beginning. This is propelled through the life of the scent.

There are some heavy hitters in the base of Omar Sharif. Listed are Amber, castoreum, Labdanum, leather, moss, oilbanum, patchouli, tonka and vetiver. The leathery moss become apparent in the drydown and they are the dominant players the scent is handed over to. The volume of the other base notes are too low to be heard here and it would have been a terrific transition had a resinous amber with animalics and a touch of powdery sweet been able to bleed through.

Omar Sharif is a decent masculine. It's spicy green with wispy wood and mossy leather. It's such a shame all the players in it don't get to reach their potential. If that were possible, this would be a BOMB frag......but the reality is that it is simply okay. No harm, no foul. One can do far, far worse than to end up with a bottle of Omar.
30th March, 2013
Hold onto your hats because this brisk and sharp oakmoss scent will blow it right off! Omar Sharif pour Homme boasts a fresh oakmoss base with amber-speckled spices. Starts with a brisk bergamot top and at the end a touch of honey. Pure masculinity and perhaps could be considered a powerhouse. Strong yet fresh in a cool spicy way. Not too many out there like this anymore.
15th April, 2010
Hovering on the cusp between vulgarity and refinement, on terms of nodding acquaintance with the formidable Quorum and its ilk, you could certainly say that this scent, like the actor after which it is named, has more than a touch of golden, spicy, masculine charm and warm and handsome glory. Let modern babes pronounce it "Blergh!" while mature madames smile knowingly.
25th September, 2006

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