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Eau de Portugal (1938)
by Geo F Trumper


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Year of Launch1938
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseGeo F Trumper

About Eau de Portugal

Eau de Portugal is a masculine fragrance by Geo F Trumper. The scent was launched in 1938

Eau de Portugal fragrance notes

Reviews of Eau de Portugal

Many "eau de cologne-like" scents come immediately on mind, from EKW 4711 to La via del Profumo Cologne de L'Empereur or Eau de Guerlain, passing across several Meo Fusciuni-Aqua di Parma-Roger&Gallet-il Profvmo's ones. Just for the lovers of genre, such nostalgic of that Sir Winston Churchill's uncompromising era. A cologne, tart and lemony with its main accord of "bergamot/orange-mint/verbena/oregano/basil-geranium". The aroma at the beginning is extremely tart, you can feel the orange-lime green peels while the neroli-geranium stiff accord provides a following increasing floral twist. A touch of musk soothens finally the grassy-citric angularity. Faint on my skin. For the rest Geo F. Trumper (Eau de) Portugal is an ordinary classic in style "Victorian" Eau de Cologne full of tradition and balance.
01st November, 2014
A good, refreshing classic "eau de cologne", with bergamot, citrus, lavender, ylang, neroli, hay, a slight aniseed aftertaste and a base of light oak moss with perhaps also amber and pine needles. It reminded me of a lighter version of Azemour les Orangers by Parfum d'Empire, because of the hay-oak moss-anise flavour. The name quite fits the scent, as it's a fresh, herbal, balmy, zesty Mediterranean dense cologne with a velvety earthy-mossy feel. Citrus and lavender give a bit of a "dishwasher liquid" feel, but it's still pleasant. Cozy, refined, understated, a bit short-lived but that is how a "toilet water" is supposed to perform.

21st June, 2014
Wow. There are classic scents that feel timeless and perfect (Mitsouko, Knize Ten, Joy, etc) and then there are classics that just smell dated and old. Portugal is definitely the "dated" kind.

At its core, it's a simple citrus eau, but it seems to pull out all the stops required to be a little weird and old-smelling. The citrus topnotes have a forward musty bergamot fighting it out with some musty herbs while a pinch of lemon gives it that 60's lemon cleaner smell. Meanwhile, an especially metallic lavender gives the whole thing a rather unappealing synthetic smell. Eventually, the citrus fades to a thin neroli while the spices dull into a dusty clove smell. Things get really soapy, and then, as a final kiss-off, a pinch of civet wells up underneath everything, giving the soapy dusty clove smell an undercurrent of dirty bathroom stink.

I'm kind of surprised that I'm not giving this a thumbs down, but I've enjoyed it as a sort of a museum piece. In a weird way, I'm thankful that Trumper keeps stuff like Portugal alive. It's so easy to view classics through rose-colored glasses that it's oddly reassuring to know that an awful lot of the lost oldies out there wouldn't be very enjoyable with current tastes.
19th March, 2013
This smells to much like washing up liquid that I buy from the supermarket. And because of that it spoils my judgement for this fragrance.

It opens with a spicy citrus orange that turns musky at the end. And I just cannot get washing up liquid smell out of my head. Time to move on.
15th January, 2012
A very nice classic eau de cologne. A bright citrus opening accented with orange and orange peel. Longevity lasts fairly long on me for this type, though the lemon notes I detect in the opening fade quickly. A nicely done fragrance, but I enjoy C&S Neroli much more.
24th September, 2011
Portugal is a moderately creamy orange, with initially more blossom, and later more peel, almost like the very top notes of Habit Rouge had been extracted out. Whatever they've added gives it a soapy vibe which is nice and not overdone. Almost as scant in the base notes as their West Indian Limes, but slightly more residual sweetness.
26th March, 2011

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