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Eau de Quinine (1898)
by Geo F Trumper


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Year of Launch1898
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseGeo F Trumper

About Eau de Quinine

Eau de Quinine is a masculine fragrance by Geo F Trumper. The scent was launched in 1898

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Reviews of Eau de Quinine

Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
Less of a gin and tonic and more of a trip to the barber's with a liberal dose of powder. That said, this 120 year old fragrance reflects the tastes of English gentlemen of the last century and as such is a fascinating thing to study and--occasionally--wear. The powder gives way to a light citrus and even a slight rose accord. The bitter, medicinal quinine is lurking in the background, giving this a clean, antiseptic smell. This isn't the smell of Victorian dandies like Hamman Bouquet, for example, or even Trumper's own Curzon, et al. There is no overtly masculine sensuality about this one. No, this is a clean and sober barrister of a scent, a Jermyn Street irregular. Time capsule in a bottle.
04th February, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Gin and Tonic

When I tried this in their London shop in Curzon Street the thought 'Gin and Tonic' flashed through my mind - more gin and tonic - good! A green note with a flowery component develops in the drydown, and I like that. Later on there is not much exciting development on my skin, but the silage and projection are all right. I get about four hours out of it.

17th June, 2013
This opens with a light fresh powdery almost floral rosemary accord. It also reminds me of smelling hand cream. Its pleasant but it does not standout to my nose as something I would desire.
15th January, 2012
An odd duck, and a bit weak...I recommend approaching it like an eau de cologne. It starts out like a rather soapy EdC, or maybe an EdC with a dash of "barbershop" powder and spice added. Soon the medicinal quinine appears, and I recognize it because it reminds me of the juniper herbalness of Bombay Sapphire Infusion, the infamous gin-based scent. Both of these share a grassy dryness, but the EdQ adds a trace of sweet, greenish rose. It gradually gets soapier and sweeter, losing the herbal elements but never going too far. The base leaves more of the underlying powderiness exposed, but again it's too restrained to bother me, and this final transparent base lasts quite a while like the base of their EdC. It's a little more feminine by comparison, but not at all out of place for a man. I would easily wear this, but I'd probably have to inundate myself to discover more hidden aspects of the scent.
11th April, 2011
Powdery floral citrus opening blast that is somewhat strong but dissipates quickly. Dries down to faint powdery notes that are somewhat difficult to pick anything out and really weak. After an hour it is difficult for me to detect much of anything. Decent opening to this one that I neither love nor hate, but not enough there afterwards to really say much of. As with many of Trumpers offerings, longevity seems to be an issue. Can't really say that I can pick out any quinine in this either.
31st March, 2011
A wonderful combination of quinine essence, bitter herbs and citrus, with a contrasting powdery drydown. Penhaligonís Quercus is similar, but Eau de Quinine is superior in every regard.

EdQ deserves far more attention than it gets!

19th December, 2010

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